08/02 Welcoming in the town hall

This morning we were all in a bit of a rush because we were going to meet Ecki at the market place so some people weren’t able to enjoy the breakfast the way they had wanted to. At 9 o’clock we left the youth hostel, and took a walk by the Schlachte to the market place. On our arrival at the market place one of our teamer took the chance to for instance tell us the story behind the ‘Roland’ statue, the founder of Bremen ( which was a chicken by the way) and the four famous town musicians.
At 9.30 we were welcomed in the town hall with some drinks. We were told about many historical stories behind the building of Bremen, and given a tour through the old and impressive rooms. After the tour the group split up. Some people continued their group work, some took pictures and some walked through the city, while the rest went back to the boat.
For lunch we met again, after which we proceeded to our group work. Then evening came and we went to our reflexion meeting to know how everyones day was. Most of us were very hungry because the group work had taken a lot of energy so we were all happy to get to dinner afterwards, sharing conversations and relaxing.

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