08/03 a day on the lake

Believe it or not: today we woke up as early as usual just to have enough time to relax.
We went to the tram station to drive to the Werdersee, the usual swimming spot of the german group.

We arrived at 11 and were nearly the only ones being there so early.
So we decided to first have some games and enjoy the nature around us before drowning ourselves into the lake. Luckily we managed to teach everyone how to swim so actually no one had to drown. Also the weather was so favourable to us that we did not even have to freeze when we came out of the cool water.
Hunger stroke us like thunder after fighting the flood successfully. We had no other choice but to enjoy the lunch packages we carried from the hostel.
After a well enjoyed meal we decided to continue the game time. The growing amount of people at the lake side got the rare opportunity to observe to strong teams fighting some hard battles of Wikinger Schach.
In between the games that also included some exciting rounds of UNO so of us went back to continue fighting the floods in which some sharp pieces of glass were actually the most dangerous things. But we also managed to take care of the hurt feet very well.
When the evening came we took advantage of the beautiful surrounding and had our separate reflexion meetings around the lake side.
So we were done and came back to our lovely boat for dinner.
Even though it was late already our energy had not set with the sun. We crashed the atmosphere at Schlachte with a hot and awesome boat party!

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