07/28 day off, bad weather and a barbecue

Today was our off day, so we decided all together yesterday , that we’ll have a Barbecue today.

Olivia, Caroline, Wesley and Hale met at the grocery store at 1.30 PM to buy the food for the Barbecue. Originally we planned to meet at Jördis garden house on the Werder Island however, due to the fact that the weather wasn’t to our liking, so we ended up going to Jan`s and Marlene`s house.

We prepared a huge buffet where everyone grabbed what they liked: burgers, steaks, sausages, salads etc. Interesting and engaging conversations took place as we were having fun together.

After sharing the meals and enjoying everything together, we broke off to the Breminale (an annual festival of music entertainment and culture in Bremen)

At the Breminale we had so much fun that no one can imagine, the Kenyans had the great moments of their lives, am sure is one of the days they will never forget. So much music,dances meeting different people and culture too. We all celebrated this day with lots of love.

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