8 Gedanken zu „Wie gehst du mit der aktuellen Situation um?“

  1. Wir machen Home Office und respektieren die Schutzmassnahmen. Wenn wir in die Stadt fahren sollen, tragen wir Masken. Wir vermeiden die Handdrückbegrüssung. Die Konferenzen werden durch MS-Teams, usw. gemacht.

  2. I try my best to wear mask and if I don’t have any thing to do I just avoid going far from home.
    I also try keeping social distance and if I have to go outside I just wear mask.
    I also wash my hand after finishing my work so as to control the disease.

  3. The way I deal with the situation is by wearing mask when I am out of the house which has been a challenge to most people but I am trying to coup with it.
    We are also advised to wash our hands everytime.
    I try not to go to overcrowded places and to obey the law of one metre rule.

  4. We have to find new ways to live. There are lockdowns and staying home wont bring food to the table so changing how to do things by coming up with new ways is all that is left since no one really knows how long this pandemic will take.

  5. Focus on keeping myself free from infection by wearing a mask, sanitizing and keeping social distance

  6. The situation has really changed my lifestyle to an extent that I’ve got to carry sanitizer with me have my face mask on and avoid crowded places and that’s how I’m dealing with the situation to at least curb the spread of the Virus. On the other hand I’ve resorted to driving my 3 Wheeler to cushion me from the tough times of financial constrains that I’m facing.

    1. I have to stay indoors and also follow the government rules of wearing a mask whenever o am in a public place this is how am curbing with this crisis and hoping things will be better soon

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