8 Gedanken zu „Welche Schwierigkeiten und Probleme machen das Leben?“

  1. The bigger challenge we are facing is food staff and water since most of the people are jobless and if you need to eat you need to work and also the places where people could work are in close down.
    Another challenge is that if you don’t have your mask on, the government will charge you a fine that even you can’t afford.

  2. In my opinion the problems are like food staff are in high demand so the sellers take advantage and rise the prices of the commodities.

  3. The problem am facing is that many jobs have stopped which my parents have been affected by it so we struggle to put food on the table and this has also affected most people in the country
    The other problem is wearing mask, most of us are not used to it so sometimes we forget to wear them and this leads to you being arrested.

  4. We are not used to staying at home. You have to purchase masks everyday. You have to have a hand sanitiser with you all the time when you are outside. All this have to be purchased and there is no money to do all this since most of the people have lost their jobs and some have their salaries being cut.

  5. keeping up with time to beat the curfew and now the problem is that there is traffic jam and getting a public vehicle is quite difficult making transport money to increase

  6. I find it hard to be in one place the whole day (my house). People around me, especially the aged, are really doubtful about the pandemic so it’s really difficult to explain the situation to them. This is because they live on a hand to mouth lifestyle so it’s hard to stay at home or even follow the guidelines adequately. The movement restrictions in and out of some areas such as Eastleigh has left many parents, including mine, unemployed considering we live in the slums in Nairobi.

  7. Mohamed Chilloh (Kenya, LHS & MYFF, participant and teamer out of the box'13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20) sagt:

    The problems we facing so far is the rise of prizes in the daily commodity prices, like maize flour. And as most of the kenya people work on the basis of hand to mouth it has posed as a challenge. As in kwale most people rely on the tourism sector for employment and now its hard for them to manage. My dad is one of the people affected as he works in a hotel at the beach and now they are closed for almost three months now. So the struggle is real now.

  8. Adapting to the new lifestyle is hectic. I’m always forgetting my mask and this has landed me into problems with police officers who are always in waiting. The harassment from the police officers is also on high alert since they also want something ’small‘ for themselves too. And lastly foodstuffs are becoming expensive day by day yet money is hard to come by.

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