8 Gedanken zu „Gibt es besondere Erfahrungen und / oder kreative Momente, die vor Ort Hoffnung machen und die Menschen auch jetzt in der Krise stärken?“

  1. Yes through the donations that the government gives to those who are not working and how people are making sure that they maintain hygiene hopefully this disease can be overcomes.

  2. So far yes at our area of leaving no case’s of the virus has been ditected but country wide is getting a bit worry day by day but I am hoping for the best as days go by God willing.

  3. For now not yet but we are getting there since people have been practising on cleaning their hands and also shops have put sanitizers people to use before buying
    In Kenya there is also cleaning of environment in every community which is very helpful

  4. Yes. When people come together financially and help the low priviledged. This really lightens up the moods since there is still some sense of humanity.

  5. Yes there’s increase in hygiene since there’s increase in taps and daily people are washing their hands.

  6. Mohamed Chilloh (Kenya, LHS & MYFF, participant and teamer out of the box'13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20) sagt:

    I still feel that i have not yet hit that hope button yet but am almost. We are still creating awareness at the Kwale county as we have less than ten Corona cases and we hope that the numbers don’t go up so much. We clean around the county and urge people to stay home us much as possible

  7. Well in Kenya no… People are rather tired of the tough times and are going against the regulations and measures that are in place to curb the situation and this might lead to the spread of the virus. People are hungry and helpless and so they are in despair.

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