9 Gedanken zu „Wie ist deine Schule/Verein/Organisation konkret von der Krise betroffen?“

  1. Mali ist eins der letzten afrikanischen Länder, das die ersten Fällen des Covid 19 registriert hat. Die Krankeit entwickelt sich schnell in allen Regionen unseres Landes. Die Schulen und Universitäten wurden geschlossen. Die Grenze des Landes sind auch zu und es gibt bis jetzt keinen internationalen Transport aus und nach Mali. Um die Schüler(innen) zu beschäftigen, hat die Regierung entschieden Fernunterricht zu organisieren (Fernsehen, Radios und Internet). Aber die Prüfungsklassen werden ab Juni wiedergeöffnet.

  2. Covid-19 has led to the closure of many organization and there by leaving many jobless since it doesn’t need a place where people are crowded and also it has has affected many students because the schools had to be closed down even though the students have not finished their syllabus.

  3. To my point of view education nowadays is tough by the fact you study alone and in the environment which you were not used to while reading. You just get little knowledge than before.

  4. The education sector has been hit hard since schools have been closed down right now. No one knows when they will be opened and to top it all there some people of the low class who cannot access the online classes which are very famous right now.

  5. It has led schools to close down which has made learners not to finish their syllabus .
    It has also led to companies to close down their businesses which has affected the income of people since they have to stop working.

  6. It has led to schools being closed extended holidays and plans being postponed

  7. As a student, schools are closed and there is less motivation for studying from home since it is not certain when COVID-19 pandemic will end. Community libraries have also been closed so home is really boring and there are less materials for efficient learning. Also, there are loose ends whether to take part in the ‚out of the box‘ 2020 summer exchange.

  8. Mohamed Chilloh (Kenya, LHS & MYFF, participant and teamer out of the box'13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20) sagt:

    To us the education sector has been hit hard. Its so hard to even try to study online because it is not everyone with a smartphone so there is nothing we are doing just studying on our own.

  9. The COVID-19 pandemic led to the closing down of our school and eminently workers having a huge cut on their salaries for the next 3 months( up to June) after which everyone will be on their own with no salaries. It also interfered with our planned exchange program for ‚Out of the Box’20‘.

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