Let’s be a part of the international project MY WORLD 360°. Let us shoot 360° videos to our topic. It is a new format of film. Fortunately, we work with a very experienced partner: Digital Promise. They have some tutorials and tips on this site:

Here you find the production guide of the project MY WORLD 360°:

And here you find a Video about the launch of the project in Bonn on 22nd of March 2018:°-project-sdg-studio-global-festival-of-action-for-sustainable-development-2018-/5755664037001/?term=SDG%20Studio&sort=date

13.4.17 Meeting in Peter’s home

Nice to see you all again 🙂

online-voting for out of the box ’17

We signed in for a competition of the Bremer Volksbank that gives financial support to 90 projects in Bremen in celebration of their 90th anniversary. The competition is run by a voting procedure, so the sum you can win depends on the votes you get. The following shows how the prices are portioned:

  • 1st place: 5.000,00 Euro
  • 2nd place: 3.000,00 Euro
  • 3rd place: 2.500,00 Euro
  • 4th – 75th place: each 1.000,00 Euro
  • 76th – 90th place: each 500,00 Euro

The voting procedure is opened from 01.06 to 29.08.2016. You can vote for our project one time every day on you computer. What amout we will win is on you…