(Deutsch) Kartoffelbrei in Kenia, Ugali in Deutschland

The Orphanage of Makemba Academy and the out of the box club of the GSM made a joint cooking and media project in 2017/18. They sent each other typical recipes, which appeared feasible in the partner country and then filmed the process from purchasing to consumption.

MY World 360°


Let’s be a part of the international project MY WORLD 360°. Let us shoot 360° videos to our topic. It is a new format of film. Fortunately, we work with a very experienced partner: Digital Promise. They have some tutorials and tips on this site: http://global.digitalpromise.org/360-story-lab/guide/investigate/production/

Here you find the production guide of the project MY WORLD 360°: http://global.digitalpromise.org/360-story-lab/guide/

And here you find a Video about the launch of the project in Bonn on 22nd of March 2018: http://webtv.un.org/search/celebrating-launch-of-my-world-360°-project-sdg-studio-global-festival-of-action-for-sustainable-development-2018-/5755664037001/?term=SDG%20Studio&sort=date

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13.4.17 Meeting in Peter’s home

Nice to see you all again 🙂