Borkum 2020

We had a completely different plan for 2020, too. Several Kenyan-German youth exchanges were approved, but everything had to be canceled due to the Corona pandemic. And so in the end we were still happy that we were able to offer one-week encounters for the respective national groups in Kenya as well as in Germany. The Kenyan group had from 3.-9. August their meeting near Nairobi, the German group from 17.-23. August on Borkum.

Funded by ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL with funds from

Here is the media list for the preparation of the Borkum trip

White Supremacy

White Supremacy. History and Politics of Whiteness in the US, a page from the Center for Civic Education:

Zeit-Artikel: „White Supremacy: Die weiße Macht“

Deutschlandfunk Interview: “Society in America: Structural Racism and White Privilege“ (11:42 Min.)

Exoticization explains the term exoticism well:

A brief introduction to the lens of ‘Orientalism’:“Edward Said – An Introduction to Orientalism”(3:37 Min.)

Orientalism describes the exoticization of people in the Middle East. The term comes from the literary scholar Edward Said. In his book of the same name, Orientalism, he vividly described how this form of exoticism came about, how it works and how it is maintained. That is why Orientalism can also be thought of more globally and does not only have to be related to the Middle East.

White Saviorism

Unfortunately only a fake trailer of the US comedians Amber Ruffin and Seth Meyers.

Doku Explained: „White Savior Trope“ (21:10 Min.)

Why are stories about racism so often about white rescuers? In 2020, as the Black Lives Matter movement grew in the wake of the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others, The Helpexperienced a resurgence and became one of the most-played films on Netflix. The 2011 film about a white woman confronting racism may be well intentioned, but – how Green Book, The Blind Side and other White Savior films before him – focuses The Help in his story to benevolent white characters rather than first-hand black perspectives. How did this trope become so persistent? Here’s our take on the dangers of the White Savior, and how we can change our own narratives and conversations to become more anti-racist ourselves.

Thematic overlaps: Anti-racist action, white supremacy

Website:“White Charity – Blackness & Whiteness on Donation Posters” with a documentary (48 min.)

Podcast:„White Saviorism – Why well intentioned is often not helpful” (72 min.)

Article: “White Savior Complex” on Instagram: Posing for a Cause”

Climate Justice

Fundamentals of climate change and climate justice

Black perspectives on the colonial nature of the climate crisis

Recording of a lecture and subsequent discussion by and with Imeh Frieda Ituen and Joshua Kwesi Aikins

Summary in Friday:

Interview with Imeh Ituen, social scientist and climate activist!5701838/

The fairy tale of eye level

Glokal has published a book of the same name
You can borrow them in the LidiceHaus 😉

How can you act anti-racist

Article by Jule Bönkost

„Darf ich das überhaupt?“ – Um Rassismus zu überwinden, müssen Weiße rassismuskritisch handeln

Jule Bönkost: “Oh, I’m white”

Collections of ideas

Tips for anti-racist action:

for listening:
Deutschlandfunk Nova in conversation with the author Alice Hasters: “We need anti-racism education” (39 min.)

Deutschlandfunk Nova in conversation with the scientist Josephine Apraku: “We are racially socialized” (39 min.)

Deutschlandfunk Nova Anti-Racism: We can do that in everyday life (6:13 min.)

Selected links to podcasts that give people of color a voice in Germany

About our topics in general

we recommend the DeutschlandradioDenkfabrikEine Welt 2.0 – Dekolonisiert euch!

and the Projekt Weltverbesserer the same broadcaster. In particular, the fictitious email interview:Die bessere Welt als Marketingaufgabe
and the report:The ideas are there, but we’re not quite there yet: Why utopias fail

The manual (or audio book)Exit Racismby Tupoka Ogette to understand the emergence, structures and modes of action of racism in Germany and the other selected materials: