out of the box’21

This year we are again organizing 3-week youth exchanges between Kenya and Germany.
A school encounter with the Lulu High School in Kenya and the GSM in Bremen in October. This encounter is being prepared in the schools.
And an out-of-school encounter with MYFF in Germany in August. This is being prepared by MYFF and PüG.

Of course, we cannot yet be sure that the encounters can take place physically due to the corona pandemic. First of all, we assume that it will work. If our hopes are dashed, there will be a hybrid alternative program. So, definitely keep the time free 😉.

youth encounters during summer

2020 war eine Begegnung in Kenia geplant. Da diese Coronabedingt nicht stattfinden konnte hatte die kenianische Gruppe eine Begegnung im Wald in der Nähe von Nairobi und die deutsche Gruppe war auf Borkum.

People aged 16 and over can take part in this encounter. This year we will spend part of the time on the North Sea coast and the other part in Bremen. In addition to getting to know people and their environment in a completely different region of our planet, we work on political topics such as: racism, (post-) colonialism, capitalism, injustice … The current encounter has the main topic “Climate Justice and Climate Change”. We work creatively with the methods of storytelling, theater, film, music and dance. The artistic direction is the Kenyan actor and performance artist Joseph Wairimu, known as Babu …

Free time will not be neglected, after all we want to have a lot of fun. The international youth exchange program “out of the box” is designed in such a way that the participants can have a great deal of influence. In order to prepare for the encounter, we are already meeting in Bremen and Nairobi.

Even in the preparation phase, it is important to practice important skills. To this end, we will carry out a so-called “Heroes Project” together with the Kenyans. Like a crash course, you will create small products in groups. This music video, which was made at the 2019 encounter in Nairobi, shows you what such a product can look like after 2 weeks of intensive group work on site.