Eat or die

Seven members of our association (the “CREATIVE SEVEN”) produced the film in the autumn of 2017 Eat or die. Metaphorically, the film shows today’s power structures in the neo-colonial era.

The CREATIVE SEVEN will be happy to show the film in your institution or at your event. For this purpose, some of the filmmakers may come to you for an allowance for expences and then conduct a guided conversation with the audience, possibly also group work. This has already been carried out successfully in several schools, at a short film festival, during ENSA conferences.

If you are interested in it, we would be delighted if you contact us Kontaktformular through this.

You can also use the film without the filmmakers. The CREATIVE SEVEN recommend the following:
We realize that we are only reproducing an excerpt from a large global construct. In our opinion, everyone should pause for a few moments and ask themselves.
Where do I stand in this structure?
How do I influence it through my consumption and choice behavior?
How should it actually be?
What could be changed, how? and what would I have to do?

We hope the film is thought-provoking and we look forward to any kind of constructive criticism.