out of the box’19

The exchange out of the box 19‘ is beginning on July, 21. 2019 in Nairobi and will last for three weeks. We are 20 participants in the entire international group and 8 teamer, who will support the group and organize the program of the project. Mostly we will stay in Nairobi but also spend some time outside the city in Limuru/Tigoni to begin with the group work. Our topic on which we will be working ist he SDG 1: poverty. In small groups the participants are supposed to produce some kind of media product, in which the information they found on the topic, their perspectives and experiences will be shown in a creative way. This can be film, music, theater or 360° film. The results will be presented infront of friends, family and anyone who is interested in the project.

What happens you can read here…

During the encounter 7 participants produced this music video