Exchange of skilled workers 2022

From April 8th-18th, 2022, the first round of the exchange of skilled workers 2022 took place between MYFF and PüG in cooperation with the LidiceHaus in Kenya. Up to 8 professionals from both organizations could participate. The return visit is planned for August 9th to 19th, 2022 in Germany.

Shaffi and Jan explain a desirable structure for the partnership

The exchange started with the participants talking about there goals in the encounter followed by a session about the North and South context was introduced to the participants by Samuel and Babu, this made the leaders understand that there is always a perspective to what is and it all depends on where you are standing and looking at it. This session was later followed by an intense discussion on the topic of racism, the participants got to learn of its origin and the effects it has on people without even them realising, this made the participants to understand that for everything to change its has to come from within.

Shaffi asking a question on the topic of racism

The group was then introduced to Mr. Salim Mohamed who was going to be the moderator of the exchange. He briefly introduced himself and took us through organising of our goals and gave the group a challenge of MYFF making brief history about PÜG and PÜG does the same about MYFF as shown below.

PÜG as explained by MYFF members
MYFF as shown by PÜG members


This was followed by the group have a discussion on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this is to make sure that all leaders have a clear understanding of the origin of the SDGs and there targets in regards to location and also the time frame of when they are expected to be accomplished. Afterwards the group ventured into an afternoon filled with team building activities that would bring bonding into the circle and make the going smoother.

one group making a human pyramid