The final presentation // Marlene, Emma, Tom und Maja

Full of exciting feelings everybody arrived at the GSM at 10am this morning. We started our day with lots of motivation and creativity, being ready for our final presentation which was coming up this night.

A group of brave, adventurous, volunteers started the difficult and tiring journey along the river Weser to return our hired bikes to their home in Walle.

While at the same time the work on the presentation in the GSM continued. As the volunteers returned a delicious meal was served.

With a lot of energy after eating it was time to perfect ionize our results that we were to present this night. We polished them until they shined.

As the final step we had our final rehearsal. As usual in a final rehearsal everything that one can imagine went wrong. But the worse the rehearsal the better the performance. Soon everybody felt prepared and it was time to start. The presentation went superdyperhyperfantastic, or simply very good.

After the presentation the Kenyans taught everybody some dance moves and we had an awesome night all together. Later that night everybody returned to their families and went to their bed chambers.

Marlene, Maja, Tom, Emma

Our presentation in a film:

06.05.16 // Eva and Maja

Our day started at 9 o’clock with some warm ups, good mood and tiredness. We split us again into our little groups and edited our film. Today we had the last chance to do this in the Makemedia Studios.

About 10 we had the opportunity to rehearse our plays in the rooms from “stage”. But this time, Jörg could not join us unfortunately. Anyway we succeeded a lot.

As the clock turns into 1 pm, we started to search some delicacies, which are available near the Central station. After one hour of tastebudsrealaxing we went, full of motivation, back to the Makemedia studios. At 5 o´clock we started a reflexion to share our feelings and thoughts with the group.

We drove back home and had dinner. In the evening we just felt asleep tired and happy. 🙂

We, Maja and Eva, wish you a wonderful day

And here one film

05.04.2016 // by Hussein and Maja

Today we woke up at 7:30 and met at the Makemedia studios at nine o’clock. My group (Maja) went  to the GSM Hemelinger first to tell a group of students of the ‘Werkstatt Kenia’ more about Kenia and the whole project. But after we finished that, we went also to the Make Media studios and worked in our groups at our topics. Some of the Groups edited their films and other groups worked together with Jörg, our drama coach, at their scenes. At 1 o’clock we had a lunch break and bought some food near the central station. Hussein had a Döner and Maja Chinese noodels. Both tasted very well. 🙂

After the break, we worked again at our topics. That was fun. We had a  reflection at the end of the day. After that we went back to the host families, and had a very delicious dinner. 🙂

Now we are sitting on the sofa together with Jojo and Marlene and write this post.




Day 4 / 24.03.2016 Maja and Miro

After we stood up in the morning, we had breakfast. We started with a Worm-Up outside, because the weather was very good today.

After that we built little groups and seached for topics. In the groups we worked on Mind-Maps. Finally we presented our results to the whole Out of the box group. After Dinner we had a break and the most of us played football or table tennis.

After we finished our break, we had a reflection. We talked about the Situation and in which families the Kenians would stay during the Easter Days. In the evening some of us watched the TV show “Germanys next Topmodel” and some of us played table tennis. At the end of the day we fell asleep with good memories of the day.