08/08 (no) time for thoughts

Today we woke up a bit late due to the fact that the weather was cloudy and drizzling.After we had our breakfast we directly merged into our working groups and continued the work of the past days.
As every group is trying to hit the deadline of our presentation on friday one could notice that the work today got more intense and stressful.
The economy group could finally start editing the pictures taken yesterday however, we had to find out that photoshop has it’s difficulties. At least we managed to take our final shop so we can put all our energy into the postproduction during the two days left.
The global decision making group made their final interview today and they expect to start editing by tomorrow and also to finish their photography session.
The other groups are also expecting to do their last shoot tomorrow and will be preparing themselves for the presentation.
Somehow it is a weird feeling to know there is still so much work to do, that we could easily spend two more weeks working on the one hand. But one the other hand we slowly recognise that there are only few days left for us to spend together. So we try to enjoy all the moments we have together playing soccer, pool table or trying to kill the wear wolfs murdering in our village.

08/07 groupwork

This morning some of us were on time and some not for breakfast after a long night of games and chatting. The day started off with us doing some warm ups and went directly into our working groups. This was exciting as most of us have reached the climax of their group work. This is when most of us started feeling the pressure and stress as we have a few days left.

Everything is falling into place and the groups expect to see the outcomes of their work for example one group (Identity) already started with filming, they shot their first scene of their act, they are very enthusiastic about it as it went well.

On the other hand group eurocentrism is putting together more ideas and have already shot some scenes of their interview.

Group discrimination has already finished shooting their film and they will start their editing tomorrow.

Group economy went into the city to one of the participants house to start their photo shooting, they will finish it tomorrow.

After a long day of group work we had our regular group meeting and it was exciting as we did group work reflection.

The responses from the groups were very positive about the ongoing activities in their groups. After a long day of work we had supper and then a big surprise from Hale which was all about blog writing with everyone. We are looking forward to what the next days bring us.


We started our day at 8:00 am and had our breakfast at 8.30 am.We came together as a whole group at 9:30 am for team building where we did an energizer called “Jump in, jump out.” where we had to introduce ourselves.

We broke to our different groups at 10:00am and I joined my group economy while Tony and Lucy went to their group Identity.In the group we were discussing and preparing of how to travel to look for children actors we needed for the photo shoot of tomorrow at Neustadt.At 12:30 we went to have a lunch  break.

After the break,we the group economy went to Neustadt to look for the children and we succeeded to have three children actors.Then we drove back to Lidice house.At 5:30pm we had our separate meeting then later we had our dinner 6.30pm.

At 9.00 pm some of us went to sleep because we were so tired while others went to play werewolf.

08/05 moving to lidicehouse and doing summerparty

Lidice house experience

On Sunday 5th of August, that was my most amazing day for the exchange programe in Germany, We all moved to the Lidice House on feet (well atleast some of us) and we got to see different places, lifestyles the green life of this place  and how friendly people are.

The excitement that hit me when I went into the Lidice House was  awesome got to feel a different atmosphere, environment and the space it provided also the food, football ground it was all well presented, I am gratefull that it provides good space for our group to meet whenever we wanted and also I was gratefull because the rooms were all so comfortable .

I must admit the comfortability that I felt made me become lively and so I could do presentations freely and talk to my group without being distructed, the berbeque was nice the place provides freedom of movement, what makes it a milestone is the fact that we are close to the beach.

Summer Party  

We had the best summer party here in the Lidice house and I am so humbled to have been part oft he party I got to meet new people from over borders which is great fo my filmmaking career and the fact that they came friendly was great, got to meet some of the participants parents am pretty sure they went home feeling loved.

Food in the party was a killer so sweet and crisp and yummy, got a chance to taste different cultural food which was new to me and to that  I appreciate, I enjoyed the convazation we had while having the berbeque (food) was really great.I was also excited by the fact that we got to play some games with the visitors, and we all went home happy, I would love such experiences to be put on repeat. I am so gratefull for this opportunity and hopefully I can go home and share with my younger generations who are looking up to me.

08/04 groupwork at the riverside

No sooner had the brightness of the sun hit our boat than we woke up and the daily routine started breakfast from 7:00 to 9:30.The whole day schedule was to work on our small groups which are:-Identity, discrimination, eurocentrism and finally economy, every single person went to the group he*she belongs to respectively. We as the part of economy group still faced the huge challenge of putting the complexity of a global economic system into a particular project that can be realised within the following week. For us it was very hard to find a project to work on because all the aspects seemed to be so closely connected and we always came to the point of talking about how the global economic system works.
After getting deeper and deeper into our topic we then got lost in our own topic.

As we were trying to figure our way out, lunch-time came.
Enjoying our meal we could get some fresh energy. Luckily things started to fall into place when we started working again after the break. Since everybody was active we came up with a solid plan that we decided to put all our energy in. So we started to organise everything that we will need to start shooting on monday. Biggest challenge: We need at least 10 little children! So if you know someone – hit us 😀
Before dinner – we still enjoy that there is a warm dish every evening – we had a special reflection meeting. We separated into groups in terms of gender to have a safe space in order to talk about certain experiences that are influenced by your gender in society as well as during the exchange.
Afterwards we enjoyed our last evening on the boat, as we will move to Lidice Haus by tomorrow.

08/03 a day on the lake

Believe it or not: today we woke up as early as usual just to have enough time to relax.
We went to the tram station to drive to the Werdersee, the usual swimming spot of the german group.

We arrived at 11 and were nearly the only ones being there so early.
So we decided to first have some games and enjoy the nature around us before drowning ourselves into the lake. Luckily we managed to teach everyone how to swim so actually no one had to drown. Also the weather was so favourable to us that we did not even have to freeze when we came out of the cool water.
Hunger stroke us like thunder after fighting the flood successfully. We had no other choice but to enjoy the lunch packages we carried from the hostel.
After a well enjoyed meal we decided to continue the game time. The growing amount of people at the lake side got the rare opportunity to observe to strong teams fighting some hard battles of Wikinger Schach.
In between the games that also included some exciting rounds of UNO so of us went back to continue fighting the floods in which some sharp pieces of glass were actually the most dangerous things. But we also managed to take care of the hurt feet very well.
When the evening came we took advantage of the beautiful surrounding and had our separate reflexion meetings around the lake side.
So we were done and came back to our lovely boat for dinner.
Even though it was late already our energy had not set with the sun. We crashed the atmosphere at Schlachte with a hot and awesome boat party!

08/02 Welcoming in the town hall

This morning we were all in a bit of a rush because we were going to meet Ecki at the market place so some people weren’t able to enjoy the breakfast the way they had wanted to. At 9 o’clock we left the youth hostel, and took a walk by the Schlachte to the market place. On our arrival at the market place one of our teamer took the chance to for instance tell us the story behind the ‘Roland’ statue, the founder of Bremen ( which was a chicken by the way) and the four famous town musicians.
At 9.30 we were welcomed in the town hall with some drinks. We were told about many historical stories behind the building of Bremen, and given a tour through the old and impressive rooms. After the tour the group split up. Some people continued their group work, some took pictures and some walked through the city, while the rest went back to the boat.
For lunch we met again, after which we proceeded to our group work. Then evening came and we went to our reflexion meeting to know how everyones day was. Most of us were very hungry because the group work had taken a lot of energy so we were all happy to get to dinner afterwards, sharing conversations and relaxing.

08/01 midterm evaluation

We had a major evaluation on how things have been going for us .
Firstly we were given sheets of papers where we had a drawing of suitcase – which symbolized the good things we would like to carry back at home , then a drawing of a washing machine – which symbolized the things we would like to be improved last but not least we had a trashbin which meant things we didn’t like at all and lastly it was our wishes.
The second part of the evaluation was we were in a circle and one person had to enter in the middle and say one thing he liked or hated and we all had to hug him if we agreed with him ,which was very fun and a sign for people to bond .
After our interesting evaluation we were super hungry and rushed to the dining hall and had our meal as big family.
Finally after a long day we had a reflection in our country groups and it took time cause people decided to pour their heartmost
feelings .
We all decided to go to bed early because we had a long tiring day.

By Marlene & Christine %%%

07/30 at the GSM

We met as a large group at the GSM in the morning had our reflaction of the weekend and everyone sounded good and happy. Later we went into our different groups and discussed our different topics. In the Discrimination group we had a good discussion which led to different ideas and coming up with a clear understanding. We had lunch in our little groups we went to the street to buy Rollos they were so delicious that i hoped they would make that in Kenya and then later went back for the compilation of our work. In our small group we also discussed different situation of daily life and taught each other our different languages. We then met as a large group to present our ideas and story line and also request for materials that we would like to use for our work some group had already a plan others didn’t have and they are supposed to work on that so as to bring no misunderstanding. Later on we went to our different country meetings which lasted for an hour and then cleaned up the rooms we were using at the GSM.

07/29 groupfinding

Due to the fact that we wanted to give some people the chance to visit a german mass service we started Our program at 2 o clock. Firstly, we did some Warm-Up to be prepared for our group finding process.
After that we had to rank the topics so that the teamers could match the groups which was successfull.
In the end we had groups working on discrimination, economy, global decision making ans identity.Then we started working in the groups to find our media to visualise our topic as weil as to combine the ideas we had in preparation for the next day.
We ended the day With a common meeting reflecting on the day with a special focus on group work.
Steve and Hannah

07/28 day off, bad weather and a barbecue

Today was our off day, so we decided all together yesterday , that we’ll have a Barbecue today.

Olivia, Caroline, Wesley and Hale met at the grocery store at 1.30 PM to buy the food for the Barbecue. Originally we planned to meet at Jördis garden house on the Werder Island however, due to the fact that the weather wasn’t to our liking, so we ended up going to Jan`s and Marlene`s house.

We prepared a huge buffet where everyone grabbed what they liked: burgers, steaks, sausages, salads etc. Interesting and engaging conversations took place as we were having fun together.

After sharing the meals and enjoying everything together, we broke off to the Breminale (an annual festival of music entertainment and culture in Bremen)

At the Breminale we had so much fun that no one can imagine, the Kenyans had the great moments of their lives, am sure is one of the days they will never forget. So much music,dances meeting different people and culture too. We all celebrated this day with lots of love.

07/27 actionbound

We woke up at 8.am. At 9.30 we went to the meeting, at 10.00 we met with the other groups.

At 10.30 the group surprised Hempstone with a birthday cake because it was his 23 birthday, the whole group sang for him sweet songs which made Hempstone feel how special he was, Hempstone felt love that was around him.

Action bound (At 11.00 the whole group was being organized into other groups to take up some challenges where Kenyans are taken to the city by the Germans to know more about Bremen and its history. We had to take photos to prove that indeed we were in that particular place).

At 11.30 we as kenyans went to the viertel to see some of the favorites places of the Germans. Different groups went to different restaurants at 1.30 to have something to eat because they were done with the challenges .

We went to the GSM and conducted a brief meeting at 2.30 of both Germans and Kenyans, Kenyans gave their own experience of places they had visited.

At 3.00 we went to the different groups depending on which country you were from and gave our reflection.

Lucy,Charles, Jan and Marlene went to visit the mum of Jan and Marlene at 4.00 and had lunch , danced salsa, we also learnt Samba, somehow Charles was able to swing his hips. Lucy found her favorites German food which was strawberry mixed with mango Yoghourt. The other groups went straight to the Werdersee.

We Lucy, Marlene and Jan went and joined the rest of the group at the Werdersee to swim, Lucy was disappointed because she didn’t know how to swim plus she was very afraid to go back in the water to swim.

At 9.00 we went home to change our clothes

We went to the Breminale festival to join the other groups. We stayed there from 10.30 for three hours and after that we went home to sleep.

07/26 let’s move to the families

After breakfast we all came together in the meeting room to start the finding of small groups for our products. For the first time at one of our encounters, we had the opportunity to choose between either the topic or the medium of presentation. Most people in the group decided to go after the medium. It emerged that despite the new possibilities with the 360 ° camera, photography and theater, most of them still went towards filming. This was followed by the part of the selected media groups on the topics of Economy, global decision making (Euro-centrism), Identity or Discrimination. It quickly became clear that the theaters and the 360 ° cam groups in particular were too small, so we had to postpone a final group division again. As a joint end of the day activity, almost everyone met at the Breminale, which was admired by the Bremen people. Which by the end the Kenyans liked it very much.

Luca 🙂

07/25 workshop day

We woke up early and had breakfast like a family. Afterwards we were divided into 3 groups in which we should take part in different workshops this day. The workshops were about the use of different media, which were drama, 360 degree filming and photography.

The drama was facilitated by our teamer Hale who taught us how to show reactions and emotions on stage for example without the common use of language. We played some short games like pretending to walk on different grounds, following our partner`s movements and guiding each other blindly. In one funny exercise we had to act like we were selling fish at a market in our native language. The actors coming from the other country tried first to copy the movements and then also to say the words in the foreign language. It was really fun to watch them trying because most of the words they were saying didn`t make any sense.

How to use photography as a media to tell a story was shown by Melissa in her workshop. After learning some theory about different angles and lighting we went outside and tried them in a practical way. We shot some nice pictures of each other and water falls using several settings and perspectives. It was really informative and fun!

During the 360 degree workshop, given by Ecki, we learned a lot about this new and special technology. We watched and famous movie director explaining his passion about 360 degree filming and how it can influence people and making them feel to be really part of the scene. We than had the possibility to watch a few films with the Virtual Reality Glasses, what was a really mind-blowing experience. Later we even shot our own short clips using the 360 degree camera.

All in all it was a really interesting and funny day and we gained a lot of new knowledge about what media we can use to tell stories and bring emotions and information across the audience. Thanks to our awesome teamers who prepared the workshops!

by Christine and Paulina

Tuesday 7/24

Today we had our breakfast till 09:30 am, then we met in separated groups to prepare our presentation about SDG 10 for the other group. Afterwards we had the presentations, first the german group played a rolegame. The kenyan group had two films about transgender and documentary about inequality.

Watch the movies:

After lunch we played a game called world trade game which was about making products and earning money for them. Some of us were disappointed in our way of thinking of the capitalism system. Nevertheless, the game was quite interesting and we had fun together. 

Afterwards we had a treasure hunt game were we went from place to place and had to look for a treasure and answer the questions about inequality. 

After dinner we had our whole group meeting and discussed about our day. 

Some of us went to play football while others played cards in our free time.

In the late night at half past ten we were meeting for a night walk. For two hours we walked around the woods always scared about the history of the witches. At 01:00 am we just fell tired in our beds! 

Good night and sleep well!

Monday 07/23

At our first day of our exchange program, we started with some relaxed team building games to introduce ourselves, learn some phrases in Kiswahili and German and tried out different greetings.

After the long and exhausting journey of the day before, this was a good way to connect to each other.

For example we learned: 

Mambo -Wie geht`s?

Poa – Gut

Mbaya – Schlecht

Niko Tu – Geht so

After that we went outside to play a game that was all about trusting each other and finding a way to save Hale`s bag from the middle of a not-touchable ground, only by using a long rope. By working as a team, two groups holding the rope very tight on both sides we finally managed to carry one and even two people laying in the middle of the rope, leading them towards the bag.

Later on, after a short reflection of the game we had the lunch break.

Samuel introduced us with a funny short warming up, called „Right is not Left…“, before we got a partner for intense couple talks. We had one hour time to really get to know the other person from the other country and even draw a little portrait of each other.

Afterwards we came back together to hear the schedule for the next days and formed our own guidelines. Therefore we discussed in small groups how to treat each other and later agreed as the whole group on our Code of Conduct. 

With separate meetings and some nice free time activities in the evening we ended this lovely first day together.

4/9 Visit in the Klimahaus

On monday we had to be at 8:40 am at the infopoint in the centralstation.

The depature from our train was 9:06 am. After an 40 min. drive with the train we arrived at Bremerhaven centralstation. Martin had a „really good“ idea to go to the toilette inside the train. At the time he was done the train started to move again and Martin was still inside. In Bremerhaven we only waited 1 minute and then took the bus to the Klimahaus. After we went into the Buliding Mr. Kreye bought the tickets for the exihibition. The first thing that happed was an introduction were we got told what the exihibition was like. Here Martin joined the group again. After the introduction we were separated into small groups.

Within these groups we explored the different countries and weather conditions that were shown in the exhibition. After a while we had to meet with the others again and we had a lunch break.

After lunch we headed to a workshop which was called create your future. It was a lot of fun. After the workshop we had another small break and we again separated into two groups one stayed in the Klimahaus an the other went to the harbour.

At around 4 pm we took the train back to Bremen and we went home at 6 pm.

It was a fun day with lots of experiences and good atmosphere.



Today we met at 10:00 o’clock at the school. At the daily morning meeting we discussed the next days of small group work and the optional visit of the “Osterwiese”. Afterwards we were singing some songs for Levin because it was his birthday. Then we did 2 short warm-up games and started working in our small groups. Our group planed for the part of our product where were going to do drama and the shooting were wanted to the in the afternoon. Some friends of Mwanajuma that came from Rotterdam for a visit got introduced to the whole group. For lunch we had Pizza.

Later our small group went to the Airport Bremen. There we shot a scene in a propeller airplane that was organised by friends of Helena. It was a pretty cool experience. When we were back at the school around 4:20 pm we had a  talk to the Hale (coordinator of the presentation). After we had a brief afternoon meeting with the whole group we went home to enjoy the sunny afternoon.



4/5 second day in Rotenburg

Our second day in Rotenburg started at 8am with a healthy. After taking breakfast we went to the seminar room and did some Energiers. Than we divided the group into the genders. We discussed about our problems freely due to the gender groups. We then went to have our lunch which was amazingly awesome. We had a big break and met later on. We were then divided into pairs where we had to discuss some given questions about how the group is and what we needed to change. We came after some few minutes then presented our points to the whole group. Then we did some few games and exercises and took a break for the dinner.  The dinner was very interesting. In about an hour later, we gathered outside to have our camp fire where we had some marshmallows and some stick bread. We listen to music all trough then we went to sleep after one and half hours outside.

From: Helena, Ester

4/3 last day of holidays

We took our breakfast and went to school, to meet the other members. We had some small group exercises in the gym. We talked about the plans, which each group wanted to do on their projects.

Afterwards, we got into our groups and started to work on our topics. The drama group made some stop motion films about the ozone layer and melting of the ice caps. The filming group made interviews of a scientist, commenting about the weather change. Their final product is going to be a weather forecast show. The other film group went for trip, to realise their idea of a movie, in which a person is faking some CO2-emission documents, to make his company more successful. The musical group had some discussions about their final product, which is going to show an overview of the past and the future life of the climate change.

At the end of the day we met again in the gym, to discuss some organisation points, for the journey to Rotenburg, where our integrated seminar will take place.

We went to the families, to prepare for the next day.

Many groups made some huge progresses on their projects. We are looking forward to the integrated seminar.

Good night friends.

Greetings by Manga and Emma

4/2 groupwork

On Monday we woke up at 9:00 o’clock. After breakfast we went to meet the others at the school. When we arrived we had  a few games and enegizers with the teamers and the teachers . Immediately afterwards we continued working in our small groups. Except for a lunch break (potato with curd and salat) we stayed in the groups for the whole day.
In the afternoon we had nation-separated meetings. In those we share our experiences and feelings about the situations in the families or in the group in general. At 5:30 pm we went back in to the families for the remaining evening. Even though the day was very exhausting it was really important for our products for the final presentation.

Good night

Juma & Lys