4/9 Visit in the Klimahaus

On monday we had to be at 8:40 am at the infopoint in the centralstation.

The depature from our train was 9:06 am. After an 40 min. drive with the train we arrived at Bremerhaven centralstation. Martin had a „really good“ idea to go to the toilette inside the train. At the time he was done the train started to move again and Martin was still inside. In Bremerhaven we only waited 1 minute and then took the bus to the Klimahaus. After we went into the Buliding Mr. Kreye bought the tickets for the exihibition. The first thing that happed was an introduction were we got told what the exihibition was like. Here Martin joined the group again. After the introduction we were separated into small groups.

Within these groups we explored the different countries and weather conditions that were shown in the exhibition. After a while we had to meet with the others again and we had a lunch break.

After lunch we headed to a workshop which was called create your future. It was a lot of fun. After the workshop we had another small break and we again separated into two groups one stayed in the Klimahaus an the other went to the harbour.

At around 4 pm we took the train back to Bremen and we went home at 6 pm.

It was a fun day with lots of experiences and good atmosphere.



Today we met at 10:00 o’clock at the school. At the daily morning meeting we discussed the next days of small group work and the optional visit of the “Osterwiese”. Afterwards we were singing some songs for Levin because it was his birthday. Then we did 2 short warm-up games and started working in our small groups. Our group planed for the part of our product where were going to do drama and the shooting were wanted to the in the afternoon. Some friends of Mwanajuma that came from Rotterdam for a visit got introduced to the whole group. For lunch we had Pizza.

Later our small group went to the Airport Bremen. There we shot a scene in a propeller airplane that was organised by friends of Helena. It was a pretty cool experience. When we were back at the school around 4:20 pm we had a  talk to the Hale (coordinator of the presentation). After we had a brief afternoon meeting with the whole group we went home to enjoy the sunny afternoon.



4/5 second day in Rotenburg

Our second day in Rotenburg started at 8am with a healthy. After taking breakfast we went to the seminar room and did some Energiers. Than we divided the group into the genders. We discussed about our problems freely due to the gender groups. We then went to have our lunch which was amazingly awesome. We had a big break and met later on. We were then divided into pairs where we had to discuss some given questions about how the group is and what we needed to change. We came after some few minutes then presented our points to the whole group. Then we did some few games and exercises and took a break for the dinner.  The dinner was very interesting. In about an hour later, we gathered outside to have our camp fire where we had some marshmallows and some stick bread. We listen to music all trough then we went to sleep after one and half hours outside.

From: Helena, Ester

4/3 last day of holidays

We took our breakfast and went to school, to meet the other members. We had some small group exercises in the gym. We talked about the plans, which each group wanted to do on their projects.

Afterwards, we got into our groups and started to work on our topics. The drama group made some stop motion films about the ozone layer and melting of the ice caps. The filming group made interviews of a scientist, commenting about the weather change. Their final product is going to be a weather forecast show. The other film group went for trip, to realise their idea of a movie, in which a person is faking some CO2-emission documents, to make his company more successful. The musical group had some discussions about their final product, which is going to show an overview of the past and the future life of the climate change.

At the end of the day we met again in the gym, to discuss some organisation points, for the journey to Rotenburg, where our integrated seminar will take place.

We went to the families, to prepare for the next day.

Many groups made some huge progresses on their projects. We are looking forward to the integrated seminar.

Good night friends.

Greetings by Manga and Emma

4/2 groupwork

On Monday we woke up at 9:00 o’clock. After breakfast we went to meet the others at the school. When we arrived we had  a few games and enegizers with the teamers and the teachers . Immediately afterwards we continued working in our small groups. Except for a lunch break (potato with curd and salat) we stayed in the groups for the whole day.
In the afternoon we had nation-separated meetings. In those we share our experiences and feelings about the situations in the families or in the group in general. At 5:30 pm we went back in to the families for the remaining evening. Even though the day was very exhausting it was really important for our products for the final presentation.

Good night

Juma & Lys

4/1 Familyday

Sunday, nice weather, easter, no early appointments. Ideal conditions for a nice day in the families.

Today was the first day off. Everybody could sleep as long as he or she wanted and choose how one wants to spent their day. After most participants had traditional easter breakfast in their families, some went to the Weserstadion the watch the football match others went to the “Osterwiese”.

The first group event was in the evening when we went to the theatre. The play “polaroids” was great but extraordinary and maybe even a bit overwhelming for some. None to less we had lots of fun especially on the party following up to the perfomance.


3/31 – first day of group work

We woke up at 9am, took a shower and went for Breakfast.  After the incredible delicious Breakfast we prepared ourselves to get to school. We arrived at the school punctually at 10am. First of all we greeted everybody,
and afterwards we did some warmups, with the teamers and Freddy (aka O.T, the one man army). When we finished the warmups, we went to the separate meetings, to talk about the most actual experience from the host families. After that we met in our own groups, for the group work. While the group work we discussed about the production of the final products. At 1:30 pm we had Knödel with a mushroom sauce (pretty delicious ps: shoutout to Bryans mother). After the Lunch we had some more time for the group work. At 4:30pm we met for a meeting together, where every group presented their ideas for the productions. We broke off for home at 5pm. So everybody went back to the host families and enjoyed their evening meals and their time together.

Manga & Tom

3/30 last day in school

After a delicious breakfast we had to pack our things because we had to leave the school this day.

At 10am some of us went to the Alt-Hastedter church. It was a very long church service and it was sometimes a little bit boring but also very interesting and nice.

The preacher of this church sometimes also talked in english and introduced us (the ootb group) to the other people in the church.

Two hours later, we went back to school. Then we had to clean everything, also the toilets and the showers!

While we cleaned the whole school, some people also went to the mosque.

At 3pm the parents picked us up and we went home. In the families everybody did what they wanted to do with some friends from the out of the box group or just alone.

It was a funny and long day but in the evening we were very tired. Good Night!! 🙂

Angela, Najma, Lily

3/28 Climateconference

As usual, we started the day with a delicious breakfast at 8:30am. At 9:30 we did our climate change presentation, which both, Kenyans and Germans, prepared before the exchange started. We learned something about the triggers and effects of the climate change as well as possible solutions.

After a short break we took part in a simulation of the UN climate conference, which was directed by Fabio of the local NGO “Borda”. We were divided into different groups. The groups were representing different regions and their solutions for how to decrease the global temperature. Especially the diplomacy between the USA and countries of the global south caused heated debates. People representing lobbyists of the fossil fuel industry and climate activists also took part, to simulate a realistic surrounding as well as a violent repressed demonstration in front of the conference room. In several rounds of negotiation the groups were able to set their contribution for achieving the climate goals. These values were then entered into a computer simulation, to examine if the average temperature increase would stay below 2,0°C until the year 2100. That goal was significantly missed.

The conference and the following reflection was supposed to point out the complex, undemocratic and irresponsible structures of the global climate policy.

We took our lunch at 2pm. Anneke, a teamer from the last exchange visited us and it was her birthday!! After a break, we went to the gym for some group exercises. There we were separated into four groups. We learned to know different methods: drama/theatre, music, film/stop motion and poetry. We had a lot of fun and learned many things.

At 8pm we had lasagna for dinner and separated meetings afterwards.

The day was very long but interessant na nzuri sana.

Lala salama and gute Nacht everyone.

Juma, Lily, Nicholas and Emma.

3/27 city rally

Today we started with a big breakfast at 8:30am. After that we had a camera workshop and we were assigned into groups,the groups were given tasks of which they were to perform while in the city. Each group was given some amount of money to use for lunch while in the city with cameras to use for filming their tasks.

Later, when each group was back, we met in one of the classes and we were taught how to create and edit the films we made. We later went for a short break . Then, each group was given a laptop to edit their films together.

After each group was done editing they went out for a short break and later met in the dining hall where we ate Lasagne. After having supper we all met in one of the classes where each group presented their films to the rest of the group.

We had a nice day 🙂

3/26 Teambuilding

We had our breakfast at 10am because the German boys were late. After that we had some warm up exercise at the gym. We had an introduction game led by FREDDY. Afterwards we were introduced to the timetable of the program by EMMA,TOM and LILY.

Then we had our lunch (Pasta with Chilli).


We had a break and divided into smaller groups which had a brain storming, made mind-maps and later presented to the group.  Some  had bike riding in and out of the school, while others were in the music room. We had our supper (soup and bread).

We concluded the day with separate meetings from both groups and ended our day. 

3/25 the arrival

The Journey started at 4:00 pm from the Lulu High School to Moi International Airport in Mombasa using the school Bus which passed through the ferry. When we arrived at the Airport, we waited for three hours for the flight to Nairobi. 

After we arrived at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi at 10:45 pm, we waited till morning at 8 am for our next flight to Amsterdam.

The flight was about eight hours long, so we arrived in Amsterdam at 4 pm. We waited for another four hours for the final flight to Bremen of which we arrived there at 9:30 pm.


Welcome to Bremen

We were all excited when we arrived in Bremen and then finally after picking up our luggage which took a few minutes, the german group warmly welcomed the kenyan group with beautiful banners. Our group was finally reunited and excited to get to know each other better and we were all anxiously looking forward to the next three weeks of the exchange. 

We started interacting with each other and also had our first chats.

We were all driven by cars to the school and where we all had supper together. After supper, we all went to the rooms to sleep because of the long Journey.