19.07. Richard´s birthday

I woke up very early, went into the reception and when I opened my facebook account, I found notifications about my birthday. So at 8.00 am we went and had our breakfast and after that, I went to my room waiting to go to Mathare to finish shooting our last scene of our movie.

At 10.30am, we started our journey to Mathare. We went to one of the chemistry in Mathare and the owner who is a doctor and at the same time a soldier. At the place, my team members Shaffi, Camilo, Lucy and Hannah. And the the best  part is that Hannah was with us despite not having been there for all previous days in shooting location due to having been sick. It was the last scene where I was to act. So my team members decided to transform me to an old man by applying make-up. I liked it very much that It really came out good. I acted my part and at 1.13pm we had finished our shooting and it was a WRAP. We went to a certain kiosk and we ate fried meet and Ugali, I loved it. In the kiosk, we were with other film group that we had met on our way back to Amani centre before going to the kiosk.

After having lunch, we started our way back to Amani centre. Reaching there I was so tired but I had to wash my clothes. After that I went to my room and took a rest of about 10 minutes before 5.30pm. And after that we went to our country meeting then went for supper.

17.07. Day of work

This day started very well like any other day work up at eight in the morning and had breakfast.

At ten I took one of the OUT OF THE BOX ALUMNI Husna to the stage as she was going to school, she had visited us the previous evening together with Favour Shirley . While other groups were leaving to go for there shooting of their films. My group members and I doing theatre came together in the Tv room so as we could work on our play our rehearsal went well and we made good progress. Different groups were out shooting films afterwards we went for lunch with my group to the Mathare slum and it was so much fun I loved it their because the food was delicious and enjoyable we found another group already there and it was much fun. We went back to the Amani Centre later in the evening we had our country meeting and all the groups had positive things to say about their going so far with their shooting and afterwards we had dinner and we were good for bed.

16.07. Challenges and goals

Today was the third day of shooting  in the groups “life”,”sexuality”, “freedom of expression” and  “education”. The theater group started their rehearsals  today. The other groups went to their shooting places to get their  shots done for today, their were some challenges too like in the group of sexuality the supporting character was sick and the microphone  was also not available so we had to shoot with the camera sound that wasn’t all that good. the way to the shooting place was also a big challenge. It takes like 40 min to reach that place and we had to change the matatu like 3 times  to reach the destination. Though we had challenges we managed to make awesome shoots !!! we are almost done ! we remain with just 2 scenes. The challenges in the group  “freedom of expression” were similar but the group also managed it as well. At 6.45pm we had our meeting 2 alumnae from 2013/14 came to visit. Everyone was happy to see them ! After our common meeting we had ugali,rice and chicken for dinner we really enjoyed it. We also had our couple meeting were we talk about the last days and our interests, it gives us great feeling because we get more closer with each other.

we  are looking forward for the next days to be as successful as the days we already had!!!

we hope that Jørdis has arrived safe, we are missing her !


Charles and Nicole

14.07. Middle of the exchange with a lot of love

Good evening everyone

The day started with a midterm evaluation which i thought would be very tough but suprisingly it was easy. We played some really nice games and afterwards we had to write on everyones back some positive and nice things. Now we have papers with positive messenges, so that we can remember it afterwards.

Because of some of us was sick, the Kenyans surprised us with a song and cake. We wanted to buy champagne, but sadly it was too expensive. So we chose to buy Coke and other non-alcoholic drinks. That was a wonderful surprise for all of the germans.

Afterwards the groups went to buy things for the shooting, while others went to buy food. It was very yummy!

Heute haben wir in Mathare zu Mittag gegessen

We think all groups had a nice day, and all found some good shooting places where we will come back tomorrow.


Now we had dinner and a group-meeting.

We can say: today was an AWESOME DAY!!!! And we hope for another awesome day tomorrow.

XOXO Christine and Jørdis


12.7. The first day back in Nairobi

Today was the day we went back to Nairobi after our days in Tigoni. Our bus came at 8:30 to pick us up, and the journey didn’t take long. It felt very short, since we weren’t stuck in the rush hour. A lot of people were sick, so we just went back to our rooms in the Amani Center, where we had been living before. After some time of resting we split up into different groups and decided to go to town, but first we grabbed lunch at a restaurant next to the Amani Center. Sadly some of us had to stay in the Center because they still felt sick, but the rest of the group decided to take a trip to the markets of Nairobi.

We could actually rent our private Matatu which one of our group members organized, so everything would be faster. We had two stops, first we went to the Kikomba market which was right in the center of the City. The market was very big, and they sold all kinds of clothing and fabrics. It was very crowded and there were lots of people. It was stressful for some of the germans, since they were not used to such different ways of shopping. But it was still a very interesting experience. Those things are obviously also part of our adventure. Afterwards we went to another market called Karioko. On that market they sold traditional things, like necklaces, other kinds of jewelry and traditional makings. All of us found that market very interesting, since it showed the artistic part of Kenya.

After some time on the market we went back to the Amani Center to have our group meetings. In the end we all liked the day, it was full of experiences and wonderful moments together. And again we couldn’t wait for the next day here in Kenya.

09.07. A day of team-building

Today we woke up a little later, because breakfast started at 9:00. We just sat together and had fun, like every morning. After that we went to our meeting in the other building. We started with a warm-up that Beatrice, Jan and our coach from MYSA, John, instructed. We gathered into groups of two and then we were told that this would be important for something later in the day. The team that was going to perform theatre play separated from the others who were dealing with film making. We split up in groups of five and did some brainstorming about our topic human rights. We made a ranking of our top 6 most important human rights. After that we did some team-building games where we separated into the green and the yellow groups. It was a lot of fun and it became clear that the most important things were teamwork and communication. It was a very hot day and everyone was soon very exhausted, so after we had lunch at 1:00 we did a two a two-hour break.

After lunch we met up again and everyone could decide on their top 3 most interesting human rights. Our teamers matched up our final groups on those choices. Then we went to the football pitch where we did some more team-building games. Again they were instructed by Beatrice and John. We started with some warm-ups and then John introduced us into some other games.

After another short break we met up in our pairings from earlier and our teamers Paul and Jan gave us 3 questions to discuss. Those were: ‘What are your wishes for the next weeks?’, ‘What are you concerned about?’, and ‘How do you live?’. It was very interesting for everyone because you got to know the other person better on a whole other level.

Then we split up into the kenyan and the german group and had a separate group reflection. Those reflections are always very important, so we do them every day. It took quite long and afterwards we went to the dining room to have supper. Adan was surprised with us singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and a german birthday song called ‘Wie schön, dass du geboren bist’ and he became his birthday shower, which is a MYSA-tradition.

We got to know our final groups in which we would be working until the final day. There are now five groups with different topics. We got some final informations, and almost everyone met up 15 minutes later to watch ‘Nairobi Half Life’, a movie that our theatre workshop leader Babu had given us, because he starred in it.

Although the day was long and exhausting we were happy to finally be in our groups and couldn’t wait for the next day of the program.
Adan & Lilith

08.07. Lost the game but won new friends

This day we woke up in other beds than the days before. The beds were really comfortable but the German group couldn’t believe before that it can get this cold in Kenya. So some germans but also some Kenyans had a very freezing night. The next thing we really appreciated about this place were the comfortable time for our breakfast because breakfast started at eight. Even if Christine didn’t like eggs Jan really enjoyed having more than bread for breakfast. After we recharged our energy we started our script writing workshop with Nicholas. We learned a lot of basic and important things about how to write a script. And afterwards we were divided into two teams where we had to build houses using straws .It was a bit challenging coz we were such a big group and it was hard for everyone to listen to one another but afterwards it was very fun.

For lunch we had potatoes, ugali, vegetables and pork but we both didn’t eat the pork coz we didn’t like it. After a short break we continued with script writing but only for an hour. For us it was very informative and we learned a lot for in future.
We had a friendly football match against the local football team. Even though we lost the match we had a lot of fuuuuunn!!!!!!!!! Jan made new friends with the local village boyzZ.


Later we had a group meeting there we heard a lot nice words cozZ many people really enjoyed the last days. We also had a good feeling for the next weeks. After supper we had free time there we played some games together and had interesting conversation with having a lot of fun 😀 Then we went tired but happy to our cold beds.

From Christine and Jan

07.07. Nairobi and Tigoni in one day

As usual we woke up and had breakfast at 7.30 am. After that we had a little time to pack our belongings cause at the evening we were traveling to Tigoni in Limuru. Since we were given some free time before our trips started we decided to take a visit to Nairobi town, for this we had to separate ourselves into four groups. Some were taken to the Kenya National Theatre, Central Park, Uhuru Park, at Kariokor Market, WestGate Mall, Asmara dishes (Ethiopian Hotel) and some other places. For the Germans the ride by Matatus was a very exciting experience: with the graphics in the Matatu and the music itself.

After the visit we came back and quickly packed our staffs for our journey which started at 3.30pm. The ride was totally great we had much fun in the cars, we took pictures, we sang together and others even extended with dancing…ooh! What an adventure we had. We arrived at 5.30pm at Tigoni as we were totally exited eagerly wanting to see what this place looks like and everyone was impressed and loved the environment…so at  the stop we had a great game, we all made one circle an each one of us were given a word in a piece of paper and we were supposed to imitate the sound of the animal written in the paper and find each other of the same group of animal while making the sound. The purpose of this game was to find our roommates and it was well structured. So we took our staffs and went to our respective rooms, after that we went to our separate groups meeting for the day evaluation then later we took our delicious dinner.

06.07. Theater- and filmworkshops


Today we started breakfast at 7:30 am, and then we had a really nice filming workshop with Peter Ndolo in which we even did our first videos. That was quite funny and we learnt the basics of production. We represented our videos, after our first field assignment. After that we then headed on for lunch and everyone got to their satisfacrtion. We had a plate of Rice, Ugali (thats the staple Kenyan food), we also had some meat and vegetables.

After lunch we had a short break, so some would have a walk around,

Some Kenyans accompanied germans taking a walk and do some shopping in the nearby shopping centre.

Later on we had a very interesting session in our theater workshop with a famous actor across East Africa, Joseph Wairimu, 5 times Award Winner in 5 Diffrenet Countries within different film festivals. We had the best team building games this day all by our theater leader, and it was very fun, although it was not more team building than playing theater acually.

After a short break we´ve done our first reflection together, talking about the time we spent together untill now and as well getting information about the next days.

After a nice supper everyone had got the chance to do whatever they want, for example enjoying the bonfire, telling stories and more.

All in all, it has been just a really great day, bringing everyone closer to each other.

Kwaheri, Asante Sana

Hannah + Shaffi

05.07. Introduction to the theme “Human Rights”

I woke up early before others, prepared then I woke my fellow roommates to prepare. When they were through we all went to the dinning hall to have our breakfast, in there we were talking in a friendly manner and getting to know each other was fun to me.
After that, we went to the hall to present our ideas of human rights, each group presented in a different way, some used a play others used projectors while others used the normal presentation and we all had to learn from each group.
Then we had to take Germans to Garden city so that they can have Kenyan’s sim cards. In the mall we had fun because we took photos, make fun to each other then we got back.


After we had launch, a facilitator came in the evening to teach us about human rights but it was kind of boring because almost everyone was falling asleep.
In the evening, we interacted then we went to have have supper in our usual time.

from Paul

04.07. The first day

The first day at AMANI CENTRE I was really excited coz my parents had allowed me to come so I was anticipating to see the germans but first we had a meeting and we were told the germans had arrived late so we had to wait till 12 to meet up with them.  MY FIRST IMPRESSION was that they looked very friendly and I saw there was a great chance of us getting to bond with each other really well. We played a game where we had to go to each partner and ask for his name, likes and dislikes. Some of the germans had like pretty hard names but we learnt a lot from each other and thats the moments I realized I liked everyone in our group and hopeful we will go far.