We woke up early at six o’clock. Then we went for breakfast and had our meeting together. We had an energiser for some minutes then dismissed for our groups. We worked in our groups for sometime then went for lunch .

We ate a lot of rice and beans and everybody enjoyed the meal. After lunch we had sometime to interact before meeting up once more. We discussed small issues concerning our wonderful group, then split into our separate groups.

We worked until four o’clock, then the kenyans went for their preps for studies as the germans had their meeting. Later on we had dinner   comprised of ugali and mixture of meat and cabbage. We really enjoyed.

After supper we had a short meeting together. Then some issues were raised and solved, we really  enjoyed the whole day and now we are writing the blog together. Then we called it a happy day.

Good night.

30. April 2017 – The Family day

We started our day normally at 7 am with the Breakfast. At 8 am everyone had the freedom to leave with their host to their homes. Some guys were picked up by their parents and other started their journey alone. Some people drove to Ukunda and others to Mombasa with Tuk Tuks, Matatus or cars. It was quite fascinating for the Germans because it was their first time to board matatus. Everybody enjoyed their second Breakfast and afterwards, we spent some nice time with the family. We ate lunch , some eating to their stomach capacities, while some had some awesome Tuk Tuk drives . Those who got the opportunity to get pizzas for themselves really enjoyed with their host families not forgetting ice-cream.

Most of the groups came back late including Helli’s group while others even came back as early as 4 o’clock. Afterwards, we had chapatis for dinner but people seemed to be full because they were eating the whole day . We talked in the separated meetings about the time spent at the families and those who had the energy to move on with the entertainment listened to music and had to go to bed before 12 o’clock.


Today we woke up at 6 o ‘clock in the morning, it rained during the night.

It was 28°c around here, where by it was really cold for some people i.e. the Kenyans but as for the Germans it was kind of normal for them. We all then headed to the dining hall so that we could take our breakfast which was Mandazi ,smokies and tea. The Germans really find the mandazi’s tasty and they really do enjoy them. Mandazi is a swahili delicacy which is almost similar to “Schmalzkuchen”. After the breakfast,we headed back for a Meeting in the Lulu high. The group was headed by Ecki where he told us about the program. After that, we were taught how to edit videos. This activity was carried out by Peter. After this we were then released for lunch. After lunch, we were supposed to go to the beach but unfortunately due to the weather, we had to remain in the school. We did voluntary work in the school where we had the clean up activity. After that, we were given free time where people did different activities. We later met in the dining hall for supper and after that had separate meetings. After the meetings, we went back to the dorms and the day was over but it was really hectic when we were in the dorms since we were preparing for the next day.

Zarina + Mark

28.04.2017 Mid time evaluation








In the morning we had breakfast like everyday and then we started the mid time evaluation. First we had to work on our own writing about our thoughts and feelings. After that we met separately as Kenyan and German groups and we discussed what we had written down.

Then we had a break where the muslims prepared themselves for the mosque.

After lunch we met in the small groups and worked on our projects till 4 pm. Then we visited an orphanage around the school. We sang, played games and shared snacks. We bid them goodbye because the time was over and we went back to school for normal programme, like dinner.

In the evening we had a meeting all together where we discussed what we have done during the mid time evaluation.

27. April 2017 – Wasini Island

Today we stood up very early in the morning. For breakfast we had toast with kenyan tea. At 7.30 we boarded the bus for Shimoni which was a  two hours drive. On our arrival we made two groups because we had two boats. The boat drive was so funny although the boat was very shaking. Before  reaching the island some people went snorkeling while others stayed in the boat. We saw many fishes and corals which were very interesting.

Afterwards we then walked to Wasini island which is a Muslim island.Our tour guide then led us for a board walk behind the mangrove trees. Mangrove trees are tall trees with middle sized leafs and tall protruded roots. It was a fifteen minute walk which was very interesting and beautiful. After the walk we went to a swahili restaurant were we ate swahili food like coconut rice, chicken, fish, crabs, cassava in coconut milk  and salad for the vegetarians. After the lunch we drove back to Shimoni, where we went to the slave cave. It was very nice and interesting. Afterwards we had time to walk around the area and buy fruits. 15 minutes later we boarded the bus and drove back to Ukunda. When we arrived two hours later and ate chapati.

The whole day was very nice and we all had much fun. Good night!


Paul, Lily, Shabana & Juma

26. April 2017 – Shooting films

For breakfast we had Mandazi; it´s like “Schmalzkuchen” in Germany and the breakfast was fantastic!

After breakfast we started to work in the small groups. Some started to film or play theater and one group wrote a very nice song. Most of the groups worked very well and had a lot of fun, but some groups had some complicationes. Today the weather was not so hot, because of the short rain, but also the sun was burning. After lunch we worked again in the small groups. At 3 pm the photo group and some other people went to a kids-house which called orphanage. It was an experience to go there. The children were very friendly and it was nice to meet them. We hope they will come to our presentation. we later came back to school when the Kenyans were having their prep time. Afterwards we went for dinner and later we had our combined meeting. We all expressed our feelings for the day. Some of us write the Blog and all of us going to sleep. We wish you also a good night!!


25. April 2017 – Mombasa excursion

Today, we began the day very early, because we had to go for an adventure to Mombasa. We started our journey at 7:30 am. We drove for a one hours and we came to a stop at ferry. The ferry was very full. We had to go out of the bus, but we crossed safely to the other side. Then we took the bus again and it brought us to a building known as ‘Fort Jesus’. We had a strange, but friendly tour guide. He told us something about history, showed us some beautiful old places and we saw many touristic-shops.

We went to a very nice restaurant and ate traditional food. In one street we saw some street children and the photo group made an interview and some pictures with them.

We went back to the bus, our next station was the Markiti market. The Kenyans helped the Germans to go across the crowdy and busy market. The time was limited and it was hectic and stressful, but we also made some new experiences.

It was three and we decided to go to Haller Park. First of all we didn’t know what it was, because it was a surprise. Then we realized, that it was a nature park full of animals. There were tortoises, hippopotamus, many different kinds of snakes, crocodiles and so much more… It was fun! We made a group photo with one tortoise and left the Haller Park.

Tortoise in Haller Park

We went back to our bus and drove back through a long journey. In the bus, we had some nice talks and learned more about the other members of the exchange. We arrived at eight pm, had our supper and the day was over.

Best greetings from

Mary, Everlyne, Maja, (Moses) and Emma

24. April 2017 – Our first day in the small groups

We woke up very happy that day and went for Breakfast.

We enjoyed the meal of Bread, Sausage and the tasty Tea.

Afterwards, we went to the meeting where we discussed about the splitting of the two big Groups.

The dividing of the Groups went well because everyone co-operated well.

Later on before lunch the groups discussed on the Topics: (Education, Justice, Women rights, Children rights and Child labour) which they had chosen on the Topic human rights.

We were then told to go to the Dining hall to have our lunch, but surprisingly when we got there we found a table set with drinks Cake and Ballons on it.

ooooooooh we later came to realise that it was Fredy’s Birthday and so we had to surprise him some boys filled buckets with water and waited for Fredy to arrive so that they could complete their mission of pouring some water on him.

The mission went on well. We all enjoyed the celebration for we all sang for him the happy birthday song, he said his wish and blew the candles out, He cut the cake which we later enjoyed with our lunch meal and escorted with drinks.

After lunch we resumed to our Group work and continued with our discussions, we wrote our Storyboard and presented them to Finn Anneke and Ecki.

Afterwards the Kenyans went for their preps and the Germans had a gender divided meeting.

We met each other again when the prep time was over for Dinner which was fantastic.

In the Evening, we met together and expressed our feelings for that day, and afterwards we watched the presentations from last year’s out of the box members which was very fun and educative

21. April 2017 – Our first day at the campsite

In the morning when all took the shower we went to the dressing room and dressed to kill.

After that we all packed our luggage and kept them in the bus. After that we all went to take our breakfast. We ate Bread and drunk tea. at 9,30am we started with the journey. We stopped at the supermarket and went for shopping. We bought some food stuffs. After 35 minutes we drove to the campsite. When we arrive at the campsite we rested, then two men taught how to make a tent.


Then we had lunch that was rice with cabbage.

first jump into the water 🙂

In the afternoon we went to the beach. We swam, had fun and thought how the next days are going to be. Some others played football, collected shells and walked along the beach.

football at the beach

After we arrived at the campsite again, almost everybody took a shower. For dinner we had pilau and for the vegetarians rice and mchicha. After the dinner we had the separated reflexions. Than we wanted to walk along the beach in the dark but it wasn’t allowed by the police, because it wasn’t so safe.

So we just went back, had free time and a nice evening.

Felistas + Brittany

20. April 2017 – The day of presentation

Our day started very early in the night, because everyone of us woke up. First of all, we didn’t know what it was. But then we realized, that it was the rain. We wanted to go outside and play in the rain, but the door was locked. We we’re sweating very much, but we had to go to bed. Like every morning, we woke up at 6 am and prepared ourselves.

After having our fantastic breakfast, we rehearsed our presentations one last time.

Showtime! First of all, Moses, Cynthia and Felistars told us something about limitations, advantages and introduction of human rights. After that Maja and Paul gave us some information about the English lessons in Germany and how the students worked on the topic human rights. Tom Himmelreich, a famous designer“ from Germany showed us his new collection. Four models were presenting T-shirts. The slogans of the t-shirts were “Human is Human“, “When you murder a murderer you make yourself a murderer“, “Freedom of speech“ and „Make human rights great again“. Then Nelly showed us a film about human rights in different countries. Now, Alicia and Lily were presenting about violation of human rights  in Germany. After that, we played the Yes or No-game. It was about the universal human rights. Eva and Emma prepared a debate about death penalty, which we participated. Afterwards Juma, Hussein, Ahmed, David Manga, David Amulele and Mark presented a theatre about death penalty. Then Mwanajuma, Eunice, Britany, Angela, Esther, Phoresta, Margret, Zarina, Shabana, Marry and Evelyne recited a poem about violation of human rights.

In the afternoon, we made a brain storming in small groups and presented it afterwards. We got many sights of different people. At the end, we collected many themes, as preparation for the big Mind-Map.

The day was very successful, we got much new information and we collected new experience.

Shabaka and Mary


In the morning we had  tea and maandazis. This is a type of doughnut which tastes like cake. Afterwards we were grouped into 5 groups and given tasks which we had to film and to present in the evening. Outside the gate there were Tuk Tuks waiting for us. These are three-legged open cars which are used like taxis. Normally a Tuk Tuk is meant for three passengers but six people boarded each Tuk  Tuk.The ride was very special especially for the Germans because it was their first time and everything was new for them.

First ride with a tuk tuk

Our first task was to buy simcards for the germans . The simcards were to be bought at Nakumatt supermarket in the Safaricom  shop.They were then registered using their passports for them to recieve simcards. They then called Ecki and the first task was complete.

Our second task was to take a film of a statue near Nakumatt. It was a special statue because it was made of flip-flops.

The third task was to go to the beach. We had to film the name of the beach and we also enjoyed the view of white sands and a very clear blue ocean.

For our fourth task we had to interview a business man about human rights.

At the end we drove with a Tuk Tuk to the Ibiza market for our last task. Each group bought different fruits which they brought back to school. All the tasks were to be completed and everybody was to be in school before twelve pm.

For lunch we had Ugali, Cabbage and meat stew. Then we had a fruit salad from the fruits that we had bought.

first video editing

In the afternoon we edited our films for the presentation in the evening.

For dinner we had rice with beans. After that we watched the films from each group. It was a very great day and we had a lot of fun.

Felistas, Brittany

17.04.2017 arriving in Kenya

On 16.04.2017 the Germans had their flight to Kenya and arrived in Mombasa at 9:30 am. We are writing now in perspective of the Germans: We were very happy when we moved out of the plane but shocked because it was so hot. We took our luggage and went out of the airport and saw our friends waiting for us. They held up their posters and sang the “out of the box“  and “ hakuna matata“ song. It was great to see the new out of the box members and also nice to see the friends we knew.

We put the luggage in the bus and begun our journey to Mekaela. The bus journey was really good because a cool wind came into the bus during our ride.We waited for a ferry for a long time and later there were many people who were on the ferry. Afterwards we arrived at Mekaela and we were very tired. However we had lunch together and it was a great experience eating rice, beans and potatoes.

After having our lunch we took our luggage to the dorms and had to rest for a while. We later met again at 4 o´clock and played some games together to start to know each other. Later in the evening we went for dinner and went to bed early since we were all very tired. What a day!

Everlyne and  Moses

13.4.17 Meeting in Peter’s home

Nice to see you all again 🙂