out of the box ’16

From 21.3. to 10.4.16 the association partners across borders hosted the international youth exchange out of the box in cooperation with the Lidice Haus, MYSA and the Mekaela Academies. We were able to invite 15 Kenyan youth between 13 and 26 years as well as two group leaders to Bremen. In Bremen they met a group consisting of young members of our association and other youth in Bremen between 13 and 24 years of age (this included people from Nigeria, Syria, Ghana, Somalia and Germany). All together they worked on the topic flight and migration.

Financially supported was the exchange by the Kinder- und Jugendplan as well as other communal funds, Jugend hilft!, participant contributions
and donates 🙂

(Deutsch) Flucht und Migration

In January 2016, Svea and Finn from partners across borders drove for several months to our partners in Kenya. Together with the Kenyan youth, they developed a catalog of questions. These questions were answered by the Kenyan and the German youth. The recordings were filmed in Ukunda, Nairobi and Bremen before the international youth meeting.

09.04.2016 / Josepa, Eva und Helena

Once upon a time, in a little town called Hansestadt Bremen, as the last day from an  wonderful exchange began. At this wonderful spring  day, everyone could enjoy his beauty sleep, until the clock sounds eleven and everybody met each other to start this sad day.

But the meeting began with some gracefully  warm ups. As it was finished, we all  started sadly our last reflexion. We spoke about the last three weeks, what  touched our hearts, what was exiting, what astonished us and what was fascinating.

Will be continued

The final presentation // Marlene, Emma, Tom und Maja

Full of exciting feelings everybody arrived at the GSM at 10am this morning. We started our day with lots of motivation and creativity, being ready for our final presentation which was coming up this night.

A group of brave, adventurous, volunteers started the difficult and tiring journey along the river Weser to return our hired bikes to their home in Walle.

While at the same time the work on the presentation in the GSM continued. As the volunteers returned a delicious meal was served.

With a lot of energy after eating it was time to perfect ionize our results that we were to present this night. We polished them until they shined.

As the final step we had our final rehearsal. As usual in a final rehearsal everything that one can imagine went wrong. But the worse the rehearsal the better the performance. Soon everybody felt prepared and it was time to start. The presentation went superdyperhyperfantastic, or simply very good.

After the presentation the Kenyans taught everybody some dance moves and we had an awesome night all together. Later that night everybody returned to their families and went to their bed chambers.

Marlene, Maja, Tom, Emma

Our presentation in a film:


Today we met at 10am at the GSM to first talk about what we had to do today. Since our final presentation was the next day every group still had a lot of work to do to prepare for the presentation. Before we started working we did some warm ups that motivated us to finish our work with passion. After warm ups we went to our small groups and rehearsed our plays with Jörg. The rehearsals were a lot of fun. The “media” group hat to fight with their video editing all afternoon. In the politics group potatoes and sausage were served and a table lost its legs because of full physical use of the body of one of the actors. After we fixed the broken table we had a separated reflexion. We talked about the next and unfortunately last days of our exchange and about the final presentation of the next day. With a great feeling all of us disappeared to our families. At home we had a delicious meal and when everybody was full there was only enough energy left to fall into our beds, start dreaming, and to sleep as much as possible…


06.05.16 // Eva and Maja

Our day started at 9 o’clock with some warm ups, good mood and tiredness. We split us again into our little groups and edited our film. Today we had the last chance to do this in the Makemedia Studios.

About 10 we had the opportunity to rehearse our plays in the rooms from “stage”. But this time, Jörg could not join us unfortunately. Anyway we succeeded a lot.

As the clock turns into 1 pm, we started to search some delicacies, which are available near the Central station. After one hour of tastebudsrealaxing we went, full of motivation, back to the Makemedia studios. At 5 o´clock we started a reflexion to share our feelings and thoughts with the group.

We drove back home and had dinner. In the evening we just felt asleep tired and happy. 🙂

We, Maja and Eva, wish you a wonderful day

And here one film

05.04.2016 // by Hussein and Maja

Today we woke up at 7:30 and met at the Makemedia studios at nine o’clock. My group (Maja) went  to the GSM Hemelinger first to tell a group of students of the ‘Werkstatt Kenia’ more about Kenia and the whole project. But after we finished that, we went also to the Make Media studios and worked in our groups at our topics. Some of the Groups edited their films and other groups worked together with Jörg, our drama coach, at their scenes. At 1 o’clock we had a lunch break and bought some food near the central station. Hussein had a Döner and Maja Chinese noodels. Both tasted very well. 🙂

After the break, we worked again at our topics. That was fun. We had a  reflection at the end of the day. After that we went back to the host families, and had a very delicious dinner. 🙂

Now we are sitting on the sofa together with Jojo and Marlene and write this post.




(Deutsch) Montag, 04.04.16 von Lilith

4th of April 2016 written by Lilith


Our group met at 7:30am at the GSM this morning. At first we prepared the technique for the stage und rehearsed the song “99 Luftballons” for our presentation. We then also rehearsed the out of the box and the bird song one more time.

After that the first students already arrived. The gym was full and everybody waited for us to start. Hale started our presentation with a special “we will rock you” enegizer to gain everybody’s attention. Since all german out of the box participants sat with the audience and joined Hale it was no problem for all the other students to participate.

Afterwards our principal Jutta Fernholz welcomed our kenyan guests and talked a little bit about the project. Also the representatives of the students Lena and Sarah said some words to welcome the Kenyans.

Then our german group already went on stage. We sang the song “99 Luftballons” and had a lot of fun.

When Pauline Herman, the teacher of the Mekael group went on stage everybody was queit again. She talked a lot about our project and the Mekaela Academies.

And then was already time for the students of the Mekaela Academies to go on stage. Pauline introduced every single one of the students and they started an impressive dance performance to the song Waka Waka by Shakira. Everybody was amazed by the dresses the students were wearing.

After this Peter Ndolo introduced MYSA. He aswell talked a lot about his project and then showed a short film about the situation in Mathare (Kenia, Nairobi) where MYSA offers youth programs.

Afterwards the MYSA group had their performance. They sang and dance two kenyan songs and wore Massai cloth and jewelry. Finally the two groups performed together on stage.

will be continued…



Today, just like every day, we had to wake up early and also be on time for breakfast at 08:30. But this was also a day of unhappiness, because we all knew that we would be leaving the LidiceHaus. At first, we had to make sure that we had all our stuffs and luggage out of the rooms at 09: 30 so, that the cleaning staff of The Lidice house could clean up. We all met later at 10 o’clock to talk about the Return visit of the exchange and also the presentation at the GSM. We were divided in groups of 5 to work on our ideas of the best time and subjects for the return exchange. Each groups presented their work. After we were done with the important topics, we made a practise for the Presentation, both the Germans and the Kenyans. We had lunch and after that the parents started coming to pick the luggage and our other belongings. At the same time we were cleaning up the rooms where we use to have our meetings, it was a hard day. Although we were still going to be seeing each other, it wouldn’t be as much fun as at the LidiceHaus, some of the youths said. At 4: 30 pm the last people left. Some of the youth still had the time to meet later for some ice cream.

Abraham & Helena

03.31.16 / by Abraham & Eva

The day began with a training camp from Werder Bremen joining us. It continued with a breakfast and a meeting in our new grouping room. We had to move because we were no longer alone in Lidice house. In our room we had a small discussion and then some little warm-up games with Jörg our drama teacher. After we had warmed up enough, each group chose a meeting place. We all went to our small groups to work till Dinner with a break for our lunch. Each group worked on their topic and Jörg went over the day to each group in order to give them drama lessons and tips for their work. In the evening we all went to the Osterwiese to round off the day. When we all arrived back in Lidice house we celebrated Jørdis birthday and then all went to bed tired.

(Deutsch) 30.03.2016

How the day starts? Completely simple like always. After a hard waking up,we enjoined at 08.30 they sweet break fast from the LidiceHaus. After  we were all satisfied, we ride to the town hall. Since it wasn’t so easy to ride with the whole group through the town, reason why it took to many time.

As we got to the town hall, we had a nice start. We were leaded through the town hall and because we were an international group, we receive blood orange juice / orange juice. We made of corse a lot pictures and even had to hear from our new president “Dexter the choclate president”.


Day 4 / 24.03.2016 Maja and Miro

After we stood up in the morning, we had breakfast. We started with a Worm-Up outside, because the weather was very good today.

After that we built little groups and seached for topics. In the groups we worked on Mind-Maps. Finally we presented our results to the whole Out of the box group. After Dinner we had a break and the most of us played football or table tennis.

After we finished our break, we had a reflection. We talked about the Situation and in which families the Kenians would stay during the Easter Days. In the evening some of us watched the TV show “Germanys next Topmodel” and some of us played table tennis. At the end of the day we fell asleep with good memories of the day.


Day2 22.03.16

IMG_3908After our first night, which we enjoyed a lot, we also enjoyed our breakfast  and startet the cityrally with cameras, self made lunchpacket and an App with different tasks. The endpoint, where we meeted again were the makemedia studios. There we addited the fresh filmed movies you can enjoy them here like we did it after Spagetti Bolognese and a big round with disgusing rules for our time w’ill stay here together.IMG_4784

Day 1

It’s happening today, Finally! Even though we had to get up very early in the morning, we came together at the central bus in Bremen motivated as ever. The way with the bus and the train went well and we arrived all safely at the airport. Shortly after we arrived, the participants of MYSA group arrived too. The shyness from the beginning within the groups wore off as we got to know each other through some warm up games to get to know one another. the group was complete when the Mikaela Academies participants arrived. While travelling back to Bremen from Hamburg, we were able to have our first conversation with the participants. When we arrived in Bremen, we were all looking forward to relaxation and a good meal after the long journey. But! the German group still had to pick up bikes from Walle, and it was understandable that nobody had the lust. After we had strengthened ourselves extensively, we went on doing some warm up games for us to learn the names and get to know another. Finally after supper, the rooms we distributed and everybody was happy and pleased with their stay. The beautiful day came to an end, after a final reflection of the evening.