(Deutsch) Kartoffelbrei in Kenia, Ugali in Deutschland

The Orphanage of Makemba Academy and the out of the box club of the GSM made a joint cooking and media project in 2017/18. They sent each other typical recipes, which appeared feasible in the partner country and then filmed the process from purchasing to consumption.

MY World 360°


Let’s be a part of the international project MY WORLD 360°. Let us shoot 360° videos to our topic. It is a new format of film. Fortunately, we work with a very experienced partner: Digital Promise. They have some tutorials and tips on this site: http://global.digitalpromise.org/360-story-lab/guide/investigate/production/

Here you find the production guide of the project MY WORLD 360°: http://global.digitalpromise.org/360-story-lab/guide/

And here you find a Video about the launch of the project in Bonn on 22nd of March 2018: http://webtv.un.org/search/celebrating-launch-of-my-world-360°-project-sdg-studio-global-festival-of-action-for-sustainable-development-2018-/5755664037001/?term=SDG%20Studio&sort=date

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(Deutsch) Life back home

Today we realised a very special video-workshop with the youth (migrants and germans) in Bremen. It began with a speech of Allaa Faham (19) from Syria. He spoke about his life before the war und showed pictures of a peaceful, and beautiful Syria. Then he started talking about the violent suppression of the peacful demnonstrations, the death of his friend and all the terror which made the youth to become sadden. Everybody could laugh again when he showed one of his films published on his youtube channel.

Afterwards five small groups were built to start filming their own clips, that will be published on youtube within a short time.

For every participant who wants to continue: Join us at the out of the box Werkstatt at the 3rd and 10th of June from 1:45pm-3:15 pm in the same rooms of the GSM.

A special thanks to Carina, Allaa, Janusz and everybody who was there!

And here the two films Alla made with us 😀

(Deutsch) Flucht und Migration

In January 2016, Svea and Finn from partners across borders drove for several months to our partners in Kenya. Together with the Kenyan youth, they developed a catalog of questions. These questions were answered by the Kenyan and the German youth. The recordings were filmed in Ukunda, Nairobi and Bremen before the international youth meeting.

The final presentation // Marlene, Emma, Tom und Maja

Full of exciting feelings everybody arrived at the GSM at 10am this morning. We started our day with lots of motivation and creativity, being ready for our final presentation which was coming up this night.

A group of brave, adventurous, volunteers started the difficult and tiring journey along the river Weser to return our hired bikes to their home in Walle.

While at the same time the work on the presentation in the GSM continued. As the volunteers returned a delicious meal was served.

With a lot of energy after eating it was time to perfect ionize our results that we were to present this night. We polished them until they shined.

As the final step we had our final rehearsal. As usual in a final rehearsal everything that one can imagine went wrong. But the worse the rehearsal the better the performance. Soon everybody felt prepared and it was time to start. The presentation went superdyperhyperfantastic, or simply very good.

After the presentation the Kenyans taught everybody some dance moves and we had an awesome night all together. Later that night everybody returned to their families and went to their bed chambers.

Marlene, Maja, Tom, Emma

Our presentation in a film: