We have a new logo!

As part of our work in the association, we deal with various forms of discrimination. We noticed that our own name and logo discriminate against people and does not represent us.  The problem above was only seen in the German language, as the language has the Masculine and Feminine aspect. We are not an association that only consists of C’s (agreement of sex and gender) men, as the name “partner” suggests. That had to be changed, we are “partners across borders”!

You could also see the world map on our old logo based on the so-called “Mercator projection”, which was created in 1569 by the cartographer Gerardus Mercator at the time of colonization and is taught in almost all countries. On top of it all, in the middle, Europe is more consumed than it really is and thus the central continent on the world map. Thus we have reproduced the Euro centrism that is deeply established in our society with our logo. Euro centrism is a variant of ethnocentrism, but it is spread worldwide through imperialism and capitalism. It is about a dominant European perspective that prevails in the form of hierarchies in the areas of science, education, entertainment, language, storytelling and expertise, etc. This conveys the image that Europe is the desirable and “developed” norm.

On our new logo, Europe is not in the center and it is a small approach to look at the world from a different perspective.