28.04.2017 Mid time evaluation








In the morning we had breakfast like everyday and then we started the mid time evaluation. First we had to work on our own writing about our thoughts and feelings. After that we met separately as Kenyan and German groups and we discussed what we had written down.

Then we had a break where the muslims prepared themselves for the mosque.

After lunch we met in the small groups and worked on our projects till 4 pm. Then we visited an orphanage around the school. We sang, played games and shared snacks. We bid them goodbye because the time was over and we went back to school for normal programme, like dinner.

In the evening we had a meeting all together where we discussed what we have done during the mid time evaluation.

20. April 2017 – The day of presentation

Our day started very early in the night, because everyone of us woke up. First of all, we didn’t know what it was. But then we realized, that it was the rain. We wanted to go outside and play in the rain, but the door was locked. We we’re sweating very much, but we had to go to bed. Like every morning, we woke up at 6 am and prepared ourselves.

After having our fantastic breakfast, we rehearsed our presentations one last time.

Showtime! First of all, Moses, Cynthia and Felistars told us something about limitations, advantages and introduction of human rights. After that Maja and Paul gave us some information about the English lessons in Germany and how the students worked on the topic human rights. Tom Himmelreich, a famous designer“ from Germany showed us his new collection. Four models were presenting T-shirts. The slogans of the t-shirts were “Human is Human“, “When you murder a murderer you make yourself a murderer“, “Freedom of speech“ and „Make human rights great again“. Then Nelly showed us a film about human rights in different countries. Now, Alicia and Lily were presenting about violation of human rights  in Germany. After that, we played the Yes or No-game. It was about the universal human rights. Eva and Emma prepared a debate about death penalty, which we participated. Afterwards Juma, Hussein, Ahmed, David Manga, David Amulele and Mark presented a theatre about death penalty. Then Mwanajuma, Eunice, Britany, Angela, Esther, Phoresta, Margret, Zarina, Shabana, Marry and Evelyne recited a poem about violation of human rights.

In the afternoon, we made a brain storming in small groups and presented it afterwards. We got many sights of different people. At the end, we collected many themes, as preparation for the big Mind-Map.

The day was very successful, we got much new information and we collected new experience.

Shabaka and Mary

Day 1

It’s happening today, Finally! Even though we had to get up very early in the morning, we came together at the central bus in Bremen motivated as ever. The way with the bus and the train went well and we arrived all safely at the airport. Shortly after we arrived, the participants of MYSA group arrived too. The shyness from the beginning within the groups wore off as we got to know each other through some warm up games to get to know one another. the group was complete when the Mikaela Academies participants arrived. While travelling back to Bremen from Hamburg, we were able to have our first conversation with the participants. When we arrived in Bremen, we were all looking forward to relaxation and a good meal after the long journey. But! the German group still had to pick up bikes from Walle, and it was understandable that nobody had the lust. After we had strengthened ourselves extensively, we went on doing some warm up games for us to learn the names and get to know another. Finally after supper, the rooms we distributed and everybody was happy and pleased with their stay. The beautiful day came to an end, after a final reflection of the evening.