out of the box’19 – 10/08

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After breakfast our final evaluation of our exchange started. It started with a weird feeling of melancholy because it meant that the time oft he exchange was really coming to an end… We thought about our high and low lights, things we have learned, our challenges that we had mastered or not and we talked about how to continue with our project after the exchange in Nairobi. In the end we had a round in which everyone got a piece of paper on their back and the others could write positive words on it. „Warm shower“ we call this game. Afters this exercise we all went to our rooms to pack our suitcases and prepare for the farewell party. The evening started with us having dinner together, later then we danced outside while a bonfire warmed the people that wanted to have a conversation. At midnight we had a special surprise for two of our participants: It was Miro’s and Yousuf’s birthday! Each of them had a huge bucket of water poured over their heads, a birthday tradition, and a yummy cake afterwards.
Our last evening in Nairobi had become reality…

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