08/08 (no) time for thoughts

Today we woke up a bit late due to the fact that the weather was cloudy and drizzling.After we had our breakfast we directly merged into our working groups and continued the work of the past days.
As every group is trying to hit the deadline of our presentation on friday one could notice that the work today got more intense and stressful.
The economy group could finally start editing the pictures taken yesterday however, we had to find out that photoshop has it’s difficulties. At least we managed to take our final shop so we can put all our energy into the postproduction during the two days left.
The global decision making group made their final interview today and they expect to start editing by tomorrow and also to finish their photography session.
The other groups are also expecting to do their last shoot tomorrow and will be preparing themselves for the presentation.
Somehow it is a weird feeling to know there is still so much work to do, that we could easily spend two more weeks working on the one hand. But one the other hand we slowly recognise that there are only few days left for us to spend together. So we try to enjoy all the moments we have together playing soccer, pool table or trying to kill the wear wolfs murdering in our village.

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