08/07 groupwork

This morning some of us were on time and some not for breakfast after a long night of games and chatting. The day started off with us doing some warm ups and went directly into our working groups. This was exciting as most of us have reached the climax of their group work. This is when most of us started feeling the pressure and stress as we have a few days left.

Everything is falling into place and the groups expect to see the outcomes of their work for example one group (Identity) already started with filming, they shot their first scene of their act, they are very enthusiastic about it as it went well.

On the other hand group eurocentrism is putting together more ideas and have already shot some scenes of their interview.

Group discrimination has already finished shooting their film and they will start their editing tomorrow.

Group economy went into the city to one of the participants house to start their photo shooting, they will finish it tomorrow.

After a long day of group work we had our regular group meeting and it was exciting as we did group work reflection.

The responses from the groups were very positive about the ongoing activities in their groups. After a long day of work we had supper and then a big surprise from Hale which was all about blog writing with everyone. We are looking forward to what the next days bring us.

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