We started our day at 8:00 am and had our breakfast at 8.30 am.We came together as a whole group at 9:30 am for team building where we did an energizer called “Jump in, jump out.” where we had to introduce ourselves.

We broke to our different groups at 10:00am and I joined my group economy while Tony and Lucy went to their group Identity.In the group we were discussing and preparing of how to travel to look for children actors we needed for the photo shoot of tomorrow at Neustadt.At 12:30 we went to have a lunch  break.

After the break,we the group economy went to Neustadt to look for the children and we succeeded to have three children actors.Then we drove back to Lidice house.At 5:30pm we had our separate meeting then later we had our dinner 6.30pm.

At 9.00 pm some of us went to sleep because we were so tired while others went to play werewolf.

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