08/05 moving to lidicehouse and doing summerparty

Lidice house experience

On Sunday 5th of August, that was my most amazing day for the exchange programe in Germany, We all moved to the Lidice House on feet (well atleast some of us) and we got to see different places, lifestyles the green life of this place  and how friendly people are.

The excitement that hit me when I went into the Lidice House was  awesome got to feel a different atmosphere, environment and the space it provided also the food, football ground it was all well presented, I am gratefull that it provides good space for our group to meet whenever we wanted and also I was gratefull because the rooms were all so comfortable .

I must admit the comfortability that I felt made me become lively and so I could do presentations freely and talk to my group without being distructed, the berbeque was nice the place provides freedom of movement, what makes it a milestone is the fact that we are close to the beach.

Summer Party  

We had the best summer party here in the Lidice house and I am so humbled to have been part oft he party I got to meet new people from over borders which is great fo my filmmaking career and the fact that they came friendly was great, got to meet some of the participants parents am pretty sure they went home feeling loved.

Food in the party was a killer so sweet and crisp and yummy, got a chance to taste different cultural food which was new to me and to that  I appreciate, I enjoyed the convazation we had while having the berbeque (food) was really great.I was also excited by the fact that we got to play some games with the visitors, and we all went home happy, I would love such experiences to be put on repeat. I am so gratefull for this opportunity and hopefully I can go home and share with my younger generations who are looking up to me.