08/04 groupwork at the riverside

No sooner had the brightness of the sun hit our boat than we woke up and the daily routine started breakfast from 7:00 to 9:30.The whole day schedule was to work on our small groups which are:-Identity, discrimination, eurocentrism and finally economy, every single person went to the group he*she belongs to respectively. We as the part of economy group still faced the huge challenge of putting the complexity of a global economic system into a particular project that can be realised within the following week. For us it was very hard to find a project to work on because all the aspects seemed to be so closely connected and we always came to the point of talking about how the global economic system works.
After getting deeper and deeper into our topic we then got lost in our own topic.

As we were trying to figure our way out, lunch-time came.
Enjoying our meal we could get some fresh energy. Luckily things started to fall into place when we started working again after the break. Since everybody was active we came up with a solid plan that we decided to put all our energy in. So we started to organise everything that we will need to start shooting on monday. Biggest challenge: We need at least 10 little children! So if you know someone – hit us 😀
Before dinner – we still enjoy that there is a warm dish every evening – we had a special reflection meeting. We separated into groups in terms of gender to have a safe space in order to talk about certain experiences that are influenced by your gender in society as well as during the exchange.
Afterwards we enjoyed our last evening on the boat, as we will move to Lidice Haus by tomorrow.