08/01 midterm evaluation

We had a major evaluation on how things have been going for us .
Firstly we were given sheets of papers where we had a drawing of suitcase – which symbolized the good things we would like to carry back at home , then a drawing of a washing machine – which symbolized the things we would like to be improved last but not least we had a trashbin which meant things we didn’t like at all and lastly it was our wishes.
The second part of the evaluation was we were in a circle and one person had to enter in the middle and say one thing he liked or hated and we all had to hug him if we agreed with him ,which was very fun and a sign for people to bond .
After our interesting evaluation we were super hungry and rushed to the dining hall and had our meal as big family.
Finally after a long day we had a reflection in our country groups and it took time cause people decided to pour their heartmost
feelings .
We all decided to go to bed early because we had a long tiring day.

By Marlene & Christine %%%

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