07/27 actionbound

Today was the first time that we woke up in the families. We woke up at 8.am. At 8.30 jan and Marlene had already prepared breakfast so charles and I went and took the breakfast.

At 9.30 we went to the meeting which was at the GSM

At 10.00 we met with the other groups at GSM

At 10.30 the group surprised Hempstone with a birthday cake because it was his 23 birthday, the whole group sang for him sweet songs which made Hempstone feel how special he was, Hempstone felt love that was around him.

Action bound (At 11.00 the whole group was being organized into other groups to take up some challenges where Kenyans are taken to the city by the Germans to know more about Bremen and its history. We had to take photos to prove that indeed we were in that particular place).

At 11.30 we as kenyans went to the viertel to see some of the favorites places of the Germans. Different groups went to different restaurants at 1.30 to have something to eat because they were done with the challenges .

We went to the GSM and conducted a brief meeting at 2.30 of both Germans and Kenyans, Kenyans gave their own experience of places they had visited.

At 3.00 we went to the different groups depending on which country you were from and gave our reflection.

Lucy,Charles, Jan and Marlene went to visit the mum of Jan and Marlene at 4.00 and had lunch , danced salsa, we also learnt Samba, somehow Charles was able to swing his hips. Lucy found her favorites German food which was strawberry mixed with mango Yoghourt. The other groups went straight to the Werdersee.

We Lucy, Marlene and Jan went and joined the rest of the group at the Werdersee to swim, Lucy was disappointed because she didn’t know how to swim plus she was very afraid to go back in the water to swim.

At 9.00 we went home to change our clothes

We went to the Breminale festival to join the other groups. We stayed there from 10.30 for three hours and after that we went home to sleep.

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