Tuesday 7/24

Today we had our breakfast till 09:30 am, then we met in separated groups to prepare our presentation about SDG 10 for the other group. Afterwards we had the presentations, first the german group played a rolegame. The kenyan group had two films about transgender and documentary about inequality.

Watch the movies:

After lunch we played a game called world trade game which was about making products and earning money for them. Some of us were disappointed in our way of thinking of the capitalism system. Nevertheless, the game was quite interesting and we had fun together. 

Afterwards we had a treasure hunt game were we went from place to place and had to look for a treasure and answer the questions about inequality. 

After dinner we had our whole group meeting and discussed about our day. 

Some of us went to play football while others played cards in our free time.

In the late night at half past ten we were meeting for a night walk. For two hours we walked around the woods always scared about the history of the witches. At 01:00 am we just fell tired in our beds! 

Good night and sleep well!

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