4/9 Visit in the Klimahaus

On monday we had to be at 8:40 am at the infopoint in the centralstation.

The depature from our train was 9:06 am. After an 40 min. drive with the train we arrived at Bremerhaven centralstation. Martin had a „really good“ idea to go to the toilette inside the train. At the time he was done the train started to move again and Martin was still inside. In Bremerhaven we only waited 1 minute and then took the bus to the Klimahaus. After we went into the Buliding Mr. Kreye bought the tickets for the exihibition. The first thing that happed was an introduction were we got told what the exihibition was like. Here Martin joined the group again. After the introduction we were separated into small groups.

Within these groups we explored the different countries and weather conditions that were shown in the exhibition. After a while we had to meet with the others again and we had a lunch break.

After lunch we headed to a workshop which was called create your future. It was a lot of fun. After the workshop we had another small break and we again separated into two groups one stayed in the Klimahaus an the other went to the harbour.

At around 4 pm we took the train back to Bremen and we went home at 6 pm.

It was a fun day with lots of experiences and good atmosphere.