16.07. Challenges and goals

Today was the third day of shooting  in the groups “life”,”sexuality”, “freedom of expression” and  “education”. The theater group started their rehearsals  today. The other groups went to their shooting places to get their  shots done for today, their were some challenges too like in the group of sexuality the supporting character was sick and the microphone  was also not available so we had to shoot with the camera sound that wasn’t all that good. the way to the shooting place was also a big challenge. It takes like 40 min to reach that place and we had to change the matatu like 3 times  to reach the destination. Though we had challenges we managed to make awesome shoots !!! we are almost done ! we remain with just 2 scenes. The challenges in the group  “freedom of expression” were similar but the group also managed it as well. At 6.45pm we had our meeting 2 alumnae from 2013/14 came to visit. Everyone was happy to see them ! After our common meeting we had ugali,rice and chicken for dinner we really enjoyed it. We also had our couple meeting were we talk about the last days and our interests, it gives us great feeling because we get more closer with each other.

we  are looking forward for the next days to be as successful as the days we already had!!!

we hope that Jørdis has arrived safe, we are missing her !


Charles and Nicole

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