07.07. Nairobi and Tigoni in one day

As usual we woke up and had breakfast at 7.30 am. After that we had a little time to pack our belongings cause at the evening we were traveling to Tigoni in Limuru. Since we were given some free time before our trips started we decided to take a visit to Nairobi town, for this we had to separate ourselves into four groups. Some were taken to the Kenya National Theatre, Central Park, Uhuru Park, at Kariokor Market, WestGate Mall, Asmara dishes (Ethiopian Hotel) and some other places. For the Germans the ride by Matatus was a very exciting experience: with the graphics in the Matatu and the music itself.

After the visit we came back and quickly packed our staffs for our journey which started at 3.30pm. The ride was totally great we had much fun in the cars, we took pictures, we sang together and others even extended with dancing…ooh! What an adventure we had. We arrived at 5.30pm at Tigoni as we were totally exited eagerly wanting to see what this place looks like and everyone was impressed and loved the environment…so at  the stop we had a great game, we all made one circle an each one of us were given a word in a piece of paper and we were supposed to imitate the sound of the animal written in the paper and find each other of the same group of animal while making the sound. The purpose of this game was to find our roommates and it was well structured. So we took our staffs and went to our respective rooms, after that we went to our separate groups meeting for the day evaluation then later we took our delicious dinner.

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