27. April 2017 – Wasini Island

Today we stood up very early in the morning. For breakfast we had toast with kenyan tea. At 7.30 we boarded the bus for Shimoni which was a  two hours drive. On our arrival we made two groups because we had two boats. The boat drive was so funny although the boat was very shaking. Before  reaching the island some people went snorkeling while others stayed in the boat. We saw many fishes and corals which were very interesting.

Afterwards we then walked to Wasini island which is a Muslim island.Our tour guide then led us for a board walk behind the mangrove trees. Mangrove trees are tall trees with middle sized leafs and tall protruded roots. It was a fifteen minute walk which was very interesting and beautiful. After the walk we went to a swahili restaurant were we ate swahili food like coconut rice, chicken, fish, crabs, cassava in coconut milk  and salad for the vegetarians. After the lunch we drove back to Shimoni, where we went to the slave cave. It was very nice and interesting. Afterwards we had time to walk around the area and buy fruits. 15 minutes later we boarded the bus and drove back to Ukunda. When we arrived two hours later and ate chapati.

The whole day was very nice and we all had much fun. Good night!


Paul, Lily, Shabana & Juma