In the morning we had  tea and maandazis. This is a type of doughnut which tastes like cake. Afterwards we were grouped into 5 groups and given tasks which we had to film and to present in the evening. Outside the gate there were Tuk Tuks waiting for us. These are three-legged open cars which are used like taxis. Normally a Tuk Tuk is meant for three passengers but six people boarded each Tuk  Tuk.The ride was very special especially for the Germans because it was their first time and everything was new for them.

First ride with a tuk tuk

Our first task was to buy simcards for the germans . The simcards were to be bought at Nakumatt supermarket in the Safaricom  shop.They were then registered using their passports for them to recieve simcards. They then called Ecki and the first task was complete.

Our second task was to take a film of a statue near Nakumatt. It was a special statue because it was made of flip-flops.

The third task was to go to the beach. We had to film the name of the beach and we also enjoyed the view of white sands and a very clear blue ocean.

For our fourth task we had to interview a business man about human rights.

At the end we drove with a Tuk Tuk to the Ibiza market for our last task. Each group bought different fruits which they brought back to school. All the tasks were to be completed and everybody was to be in school before twelve pm.

For lunch we had Ugali, Cabbage and meat stew. Then we had a fruit salad from the fruits that we had bought.

first video editing

In the afternoon we edited our films for the presentation in the evening.

For dinner we had rice with beans. After that we watched the films from each group. It was a very great day and we had a lot of fun.

Felistas, Brittany

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