(Deutsch) Life back home

Today we realised a very special video-workshop with the youth (migrants and germans) in Bremen. It began with a speech of Allaa Faham (19) from Syria. He spoke about his life before the war und showed pictures of a peaceful, and beautiful Syria. Then he started talking about the violent suppression of the peacful demnonstrations, the death of his friend and all the terror which made the youth to become sadden. Everybody could laugh again when he showed one of his films published on his youtube channel.

Afterwards five small groups were built to start filming their own clips, that will be published on youtube within a short time.

For every participant who wants to continue: Join us at the out of the box Werkstatt at the 3rd and 10th of June from 1:45pm-3:15 pm in the same rooms of the GSM.

A special thanks to Carina, Allaa, Janusz and everybody who was there!

And here the two films Alla made with us 😀

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