06.05.16 // Eva and Maja

Our day started at 9 o’clock with some warm ups, good mood and tiredness. We split us again into our little groups and edited our film. Today we had the last chance to do this in the Makemedia Studios.

About 10 we had the opportunity to rehearse our plays in the rooms from “stage”. But this time, Jörg could not join us unfortunately. Anyway we succeeded a lot.

As the clock turns into 1 pm, we started to search some delicacies, which are available near the Central station. After one hour of tastebudsrealaxing we went, full of motivation, back to the Makemedia studios. At 5 o´clock we started a reflexion to share our feelings and thoughts with the group.

We drove back home and had dinner. In the evening we just felt asleep tired and happy. 🙂

We, Maja and Eva, wish you a wonderful day

And here one film

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