05.04.2016 // by Hussein and Maja

Today we woke up at 7:30 and met at the Makemedia studios at nine o’clock. My group (Maja) went  to the GSM Hemelinger first to tell a group of students of the ‘Werkstatt Kenia’ more about Kenia and the whole project. But after we finished that, we went also to the Make Media studios and worked in our groups at our topics. Some of the Groups edited their films and other groups worked together with Jörg, our drama coach, at their scenes. At 1 o’clock we had a lunch break and bought some food near the central station. Hussein had a Döner and Maja Chinese noodels. Both tasted very well. 🙂

After the break, we worked again at our topics. That was fun. We had a  reflection at the end of the day. After that we went back to the host families, and had a very delicious dinner. 🙂

Now we are sitting on the sofa together with Jojo and Marlene and write this post.